Step 3: The Use and Disposal

As you may have already knew that this POOK is recycled paper and is bio -degradable this can be used anywhere and at anytime and be disposed like any other tissue or hand towel. Thus it is just a greener and more 100% environment friendly way and a better substitute of tissue paper ad hand towel. Also from our calculation and sales status it is the best solution for tissue paper at Fiji now.
Its a new product and thus still growing really fast.

As you can use it a normal tissue paper or hand towel and also make your own in case of emergency when there is no tissue paper around.

Warning :

Do not attempt to use this as a Toilet paper in anyways cause it is not meant for that standard and may clog or harm your toilet system. This has been tested and the results shown as negative.

Results :

Green = 100%
Environment friendly = 95%
Recycling = 56%
Carbon reducing = 45%

total benefits = 88%

The best way to go with POOK. Try now.

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<p>interesting. why the name POOK? how did you scale up production to make it feasible yet affordable?<br>I do see this as a new way to reuse waste. perhaps try to source an office that uses recycled paper, reuse it into POOK, and then compost.</p>
Really innovative,Great ideas come simple
I'm not sure it can be called recycling if you are taking brand new paper and using it for this, actually it might be an argument for waste, as some facial tissues actually use a recycled component.
Actually pretty sure most tissues are recycled, and virtually all toilet paper is recycled, the only ones that are not are high end lotion embued tissues and papers.
and those arent good for you. Just wait until there is an allergic reaction. That has to be the worst possible place to get hives >_<
The new paper was used as a sample but what it says is to use waste paper.
not to burst your bubble but i saw this on tv when i was 5, thats 16 years ago, and again when i was 8, this is nothing new Also normal tissue paper does the job alot better as thats what its made for, where as paper is a lot less efficient. also im not too sure your percentages are right either
Heheh...this is more efficient cause its green.
Failed pun? Not more efficiant at keeping snot at bay, or cleaning spills etc, at the end o the day its still a sheet of normal paper not tissue paper
no it is not it have many uses.
a normal tissue is far more efficient at any job you would use this for and is probably a greener option
This is more greener
not really, it would be better off being recycled properly, it takes less paper to make a proper tissue than it does to make one of these, yes the paper may be free but that is used and with inks etc added. now i know i wouldnt blow my nose with, or put anything covered in ink that could have been who knows where near my mouth where as a standard tissue comes unused in any way, and degrades faster.
How is the commercial product (boxes of 150) made, and from what paper? L
The commercial product is made out of waste paper from office and schools and then printed with a special ink which is bright and with stand the other inks. Then it is packed in box and sealed for use.
Do they use some machine to soften the office paper - the result is similar, but not hand-made? L
yes we now use a modified washing machine.
OK, thanks. Might you be able to show the large commercial process? It would be good to see this on a large scale. L
i would that would be another instructable.

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