Step 3: The use and disposal

Picture of The use and disposal
As you may have already knew that this POOK is recycled paper and is bio -degradable this can be used anywhere and at anytime and be disposed like any other tissue or hand towel. Thus it is just a greener and more 100% environment friendly way and a better substitute of tissue paper ad hand towel. Also from our calculation and sales status it is the best solution for tissue paper at Fiji now.
Its a new product and thus still growing really fast.

As you can use it a normal tissue paper or hand towel and also make your own in case of emergency when there is no tissue paper around.

Warning :

Do not attempt to use this as a Toilet paper in anyways cause it is not meant for that standard and may clog or harm your toilet system. This has been tested and the results shown as negative.

Results :

Green = 100%
Environment friendly = 95%
Recycling = 56%
Carbon reducing = 45%

total benefits = 88%

The best way to go with POOK. Try now.

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interesting. why the name POOK? how did you scale up production to make it feasible yet affordable?
I do see this as a new way to reuse waste. perhaps try to source an office that uses recycled paper, reuse it into POOK, and then compost.