Introduction: Pool!

a nice pool to cool down in on those hot summer days

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

there are 2 ways you can do this.
outdoor cage for pet rabbit

duct tape

Step 2: Way #1

1.Put the tarp inside the bunny cage
2.clip the top of tarp too cage
3.fill with water
duct tape up holes if needed

Step 3: Way #2

1.get a bounch of plastic chairs, line them up in a circle backs to the middle.
2. duct tape edges of tarp to backs of chairs.
3. put rocks on the seats to way the whole think down.
4. fill up with water

Step 4: DONE!

yay, now go cool off in your sweet pool!


0.775volts made it!(author)2006-08-15

I was always worried about filling the back of my pickup with water, I figure with all that water, plus the several druknen people that will end up in it, that the weight will be too great for the suspension. granted, I used to drive a compact truck, may not be as big of a problem with the big boys.

AngusNotSoYoung made it!(author)2008-03-11

Yeah my uncle did that a long time ago but he got pulled over because it was the year of this big drought. He still has chunks of caulking stuck to his tailgate.

lemonie made it!(author)2007-04-01

Well it's 1 metric tonne per cubic metre, and I reckon you'd get two in the back of a pick-up?

chatterbox14730 made it!(author)2007-06-16

cool idea, but wouldn't the cage hurt your booty?

Mr.Asmith9 made it!(author)2006-07-17

Yes, Awesome idea! Altho, if you have a pickup truck, just throw a tarp in the back, then you got yourself a red neck swimming pool! oh yea..

Jesus10555 made it!(author)2006-09-30

omg, i love your idea..... im doing that

egilwh made it!(author)2006-08-17

Another way of doing this, is a number of transport pallets to form the circle. Add as many as you like and according to the size of your tarp. Then tighten the whole thing up with a couple of transport straps on the outside. Would probably be an idea to loosely nail the pallets together first, then add the tarp , preferrably folded down on the outside and the straps on top of that to keep everything in place.

cvillewill made it!(author)2006-07-19

Of course you could always use a plastic kiddie swimminp pool but thats no fun. Use those things for sliding down sled hills. My friends tried that once. Don't recommend it...

leevonk made it!(author)2006-07-15

nice dude, I like it. I use an 8' diameter pool I bought for ~$20. I have to lug it around to people's parties.

TheCheese9921 made it!(author)2006-07-16

pretty sweet idea me and my freinds did a simmerlar thing except we dug a big hole and put a tarp in it

Scurl%21 made it!(author)2006-07-16

used to do that when we were kids. man that water gets funky in a few days LOL

admanrocks made it!(author)2006-07-16

ha ha ya

Tetranitrate made it!(author)2006-07-18

Great instructable. Me and my cousin did something simmilar when we were younger. Except we had a huge tarp like a 50 ft square, and a small backyard. So we would just attatch the tarp to the fence to keep it up on the sides, it would take forever to fill, but it was the best thing ever, while it was filling we would use it as a slip'n'slide.

admanrocks made it!(author)2006-07-18

wow, that sounds pretty awesome!

pocketlama made it!(author)2006-07-17

Cool... The very definition of DIY!

TheCheese9921 made it!(author)2006-07-17

if you load it up with couzins and your sister then its a redneck HOTTT TUB!!!! LOL

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