Tiki bar and deck added on to side of swimming pool deck.

Step 1: Building the base

The base is built with 2x3 framing and covered with luan plywood.   The top is one piece of 4x8 MDF cut to an L shape.   The posts are 4x8 rough cut poles.   Cut the top holes out and secure the posts to the deck and framed bar.
<p>Thatch was $110, a few pieces of plywood, 2x4s, felt roofing, etc. $100. Adding all the accessories are from places I visited, garage sales, gifts, etc. The sign post was scrap lumber I had lying around. Pier posts are just treated fence posts with rope from Home Depot. I put in an old sink and a small refrigerator behind the bar too. Lit up the inside with rope LED lighting.</p>
<p>Looks great. Just wondering a ballpark figure if I wanted to put something like this in my backyard next to my pool. Thanks.</p>
Well done!!!
i have never even though of something like this. good job tho<br>1ST COMMENT :D

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