Pooplords Knex Lever Action Pistol




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Introduction: Pooplords Knex Lever Action Pistol

About: love the idea of making guns out of a toy (knex) , and for my b-day will get more knex so i ca build things better than smg's.

Pretty cool gun. after pulling back the ram you cock the lever which tilts the barrel for you to insert a round which cannot fall out. its got sights, average power, but reliable design. i tend to only post guns if they are reliable, and have a really cool idea which i will post if it works out well.

Step 1: Makin Parts

Step 2: Putting It Together

Step 3: Banding Up



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    HELP!!!!!!! MINE DOES NOT WORK! The ram can be pulled back, it will not fire.

    i built this thinking it cocked the ram when the lever was moved. i was angry, but i realised it was my mistake for not reading the description.

    It looks like something that i can actually make COOL!

    Lever action works better when you have a foregrip/stock as you can grip one part (or brace against your shoulder) when you move the lever so you do not drop the gun.

    Possibly one of the funnest guns that ive ever played/builded 5 stars :D

    So, I built it and... ITS AMAZING!!!!! It's really pwoerfull and looks cool when you load it.

    thanx u r now my idol

    I get the green what about the whites are they cut for comfort?

    you need the borcken rods i think, maybe can be modded, u load it for each shot, its actually pretty sturdy, and can be made a stronger body and has never brocken on me

    This looks really nice. I've been working on a lever action recently. It's very different from this mechanism.
    I have two questions:
    1.Do you have to load a round every time after you cock it, or is there a hopper?
    2. That lever looks pretty unstable, does it every break?

    nice mech! 5*

    wow, nice trigger mech, did you come up with it yourself? /sarcasm

    it does look a bit wierd but works great, never jams