My goal was to build a cheap and inexpensive 3D Printer for less than 100 Dollar/Euro

What are the features of the Poor Man's 3D Printer ?

- Fused deposition modeling ABS/PLA

- Heat bed

- use of open source firmware, modified version of Tonokip

- free host software, Repetier-Host

- bowden-extruder

- max. build size 40mm x 40mm x 40mm

- resolution 0.08mm

Step 1: Parts

Parts i bought:

- Arduino Board Mega 2560 (on ebay from china): 10 Euro

- 2 pcs. Stackable Motor Driver Shield L293D 6 Euro

- Hotend MK7 MK8 noozle 0,4mm+thermistor+cartridge 20 Euro

- PTFE Tube 4 x 2mm & 2 pcs. 1/8" BSP 6 Euro

- Fan 30mm x 30mm 2 Euro

- MOSFETs,resistors,caps,LEDs,thermistor 5 Euro

Recyled PC/printer part:

- 4 pcs. DVD/Blu-ray drives, with stepper motors ! old cd drives can't be used because they work with dc-motors

- old PC power supply, 12V/5A and 5V/2A are required

- stepper motor nema17-like from old printer for extruder

- i use a modified gear (see pictures) from an old hp printer for the bowden-extruder, optional you could get an airtripper extruder for about 25 Euro

Things that every hobbyist has in his garage :-)

- many screws, nuts and washers M3,M4,M5

- lots of wires

- aluminium-sheet for the frame, you can also use wood

- some alu/metal profiles, see pictures

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Nice build, but that robot doesnt look very detailed, can you upload a photo of a print that was actually printed in 80 microns layer height?
<p>upload a video of this printer while printing</p>
<p>you write : I have supplied the x/y/z steppers with 8 Volt, 12 Volt is to much for those tiny things, with only 5 Volt the drivers won't work. i also limit the current to 300mA (with the poti at drivers)</p><p>How you do that :i also limit the current to 300mA (with the poti at drivers)</p><p>please be more specific.</p><p>Can you upload photos from rapm1.4 and how to connect voltage ???</p>
<p>You said:</p><p>I have supplied the x/y/z steppers with 8 Volt, 12 Volt is to much for those tiny things, with only 5 Volt the drivers won't work. i also limit the current to 300mA (with the poti at drivers)</p><p>Please by more specific.. How do this:(with the poti at drivers)</p>
<p>Wow, this is impressive! I really appreciate how you did step by step and were so helpful.</p><p>I was just wondering where this printer stands compared to a commercial grade 3D printer, like this one <a href="http://www.monomachines.com/shop/office-supplies/3-d-printers/3dprinters/flashforge-creator-3d-printer.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.monomachines.com/shop/office-supplies/3...</a> ? </p><p>I am curious as to what the specific functions are and the drawbacks of creating my own printer compared to buying one. Thanks for a great instructable!</p>
<p>Hi, Great instructable, i trying to make one like you. It's not finish...</p><p>Chers amis francophone, si vous voulez aussi participer &agrave; la conception d'une micro imprimante, venez me rejoindre sur : http://www.open-mind.cc/</p>
<p>Why is there a need for 4 dvd/blu-ray drives with stepper motors. Isn't 3 motors enough for the 3 axes?</p>
<p>You need 2 for the z axis.</p>
<p>what is the model of nema17?</p>
<p>nema 17 is the model</p>
Hello, I have built all the hardware: physical structure, and have completed in entering the GRBLtoArduino and all the software. I have used the Universal GCodeSender and has successfully interpreted the software for is says &quot; Grbl 0.8c ['$' for help] &quot;. I've soldered the stepper motors (for I'm using steppers from dvd roms) to some salvages wire from a printer I took apart. I installed some female sockets in order to connect to the male pins on the CNC Shield ver. 2.01 . The orange light from the arduino flashes and in the Universal GCodeSender ver. 0.8 completes the operation b/c is says &quot; ok &quot; . I have no idea whats wrong. I know the steppers work b/c ive used a 9v battery to pulse the motors and they do indeed pulse. Ive used a multimeter to check its resistance and it works. I've checked the current on the motors once connected to the cnc shield and there's current. I have tested if the drivers are in fact getting power and they are. I've attempted the code &quot; x=100 &quot; , &quot; $7=225 &quot; but no motor movement. Can ANYONE help me ?
<p>let me just ask one thing, can i use &quot;RepRap J-head MKIV/MKV hotend&quot; instead of that mk7/mk8 hotend?? as i live far away from germany, i need another one.</p>
of course, you can use any hotend
<p>can you explain the difference, please? i'm very new to these things. now i'm making the extruder, and it's not so easy..</p>
<p>also what's the difference between mkv and mk7? </p>
mkv version 5 (&quot;V&quot;)<br>mk7 version 7
<p>For buying Mechanical and electronics for Prusa i3 visit :<a href="http://makemendel.com/" rel="nofollow">http://makemendel.com/ </a>All accessories available in stock with high quality with reasonable cost and selling world wide across 45 countries world.</p><p>Thank you in advance.</p><p>Happy Printing :)</p>
<p>Anyway to tell if a drive's motor is stepper motor or DC motor? I just salvaged some old CD drives and some old DVD drives.. and some of the motors are identical across the devices!</p>
<p>Hopefully you've found the answer to your question by now but just in case: the easiest way to tell the difference is that stepper motors have 4 wire leads and tend to be more boxy looking, while DC have 2 and are more cylindrical. Hope that helped :)</p>
Thanks. Yes I did. Also made a similar Instructable based on Ramps where I go Down to the very basics for novices.<br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Complete-newbie-step-by-step-3D-printer-with-all-p/
<p>I'll be sure to check it out :)</p>
The various DVD/CD DC motors looked rather similar to the Stepper motor versions. Some DCs were boxy though, but not all.
<p>Hello,</p><p>how did you calibrate the printer? i've got troubles with X ans Y motor, RepRap_printDoctor said that it could be L293 High temp so I cool it with fans then it could be current calibration of the pololu but i've got L293D. Is there a way to put a resistor somewhere to reduce current?</p><p>CHeers</p>
please tell me more I would like to build one but have very little financial resources.
<p>fter everything done, i am getting problems with repetier host. the stepper motors are moving when I click on the axis home buttons but when i give a particular distance to travel, the axis are not moving. please tell me why?</p>
<p>I am looking into building this printer. I do not know much about 3d printing yet. I found this kit on ebay - <a href="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3D-PRINTER-KIT-ELECTRONICA-RAMPS-DRV8825-ARDUINO-NEMA-17-/121305704350?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255" rel="nofollow">http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3D-PRINTER-KIT-ELECTRONI...</a></p><p>Would it be better value for my money to buy this kit to build this printer?</p>
hmmm, now it works...<br>anyway,<br>the kit is good but the price is a little bit expensive,<br>maybe you'll get it cheaper directly from china/HK ?
the link doesn't work !
<p>Can these parts in the links work??? </p><p><a href="http://goo.gl/8Vx1Sp" rel="nofollow">http://goo.gl/8Vx1Sp </a></p><p> <a href="http://goo.gl/mjPMw8" rel="nofollow"> http://goo.gl/mjPMw8 </a></p><p><a href="http://goo.gl/uJe1GW" rel="nofollow">http://goo.gl/8Vx1Sp </a></p><p> <a href="http://goo.gl/citZNC" rel="nofollow"> http://goo.gl/citZNC </a></p><p> <a href="http://goo.gl/b8gW0e" rel="nofollow">http://goo.gl/8Vx1Sp </a></p>
Yes, but don't use the L293 motor shield anymore, the ramps shields have become so cheap, look <a href="http://de.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-Mega-2560-R3-1pcs-RAMPS-1-4-Controller-5pcs-A4988-Stepper-Driver-Module-USB/32232368294.html" rel="nofollow">here</a> for ramps 1.4 + 5 stepper driver + Mega2560.
thank sir i done moving all steppers coming soon I'll print something
<p>I checked with as given photo but repitier host cant drive any of my stepper motor.</p><p>i connect all things as in given photo, only extruder and hotbed not connected and end stop too.</p>
<p>Hi gelstronic <br>i have done all as your given information and i upload Tonokip code in my arduino mega board and it's successfully uploaded, <br>but when i connect mega board with repeterhost software connecting is done, but after than no any motor response,</p><p>whats problem in this??</p>
<p>Hello, I try to copy your printer but how did you manage in order that it don't become Hyperstatics mainly for up and down?</p><p>best regards</p>
<p>Is it possible to run servo's directly off the Arduino without a shield if I use separate servo drivers and a separate temperature controllers?</p><p>Very nice work by the way :)</p>
<p>Servo drivers don't work for stepper motors, you need stepper motor drivers like these:<br>https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11876<br>or buy them on ebay from china for much less.<br>And of course you don't need a shield but it's easier to work with.<br>Take a look at ebay for a ramps shield and 4 drivers from china<br>and you'll now what i mean !</p>
<p>what is the model of nema17 ?</p><p>where I can buy it</p>
<p>Whoops sorry I meant Stepper motors :) I really just need the pulses and limits from the Arduino. Thanks very much for the reply +1</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>I'm decide to make this using easy driver, </p><p>so is it easy to same drive with easy driver same as L293D stepper driver?</p>
I recommend RAMPS
<p>Very nice! A larger build area could probably be had by scavenging three <br> printers. A fair amount of inkjets nowadays even come with A3 size <br>printing.</p>
<p>Hi</p><p>One question I have build one with ramps 1.4 and the moves works fine</p><p>but the abs material does not hold on the table.</p><p>What can I do</p><p>Thanks in advance</p>
<p>use some sugarwater or haispray</p>
<p>and show us a photo/video of your machine !</p>
<p>Ok I'll send you a video soon</p>
<p>Ok here is the video of my machine. Hope you like it</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/RVhHiMmdSnE" width="500"></iframe></p><p>Thanks to Gelstronic for this very good instruction.</p><p>DMXMaster</p>
<p>Wow ! Congratulations, that looks very good and the noise is much less than my one !</p><p>Nice to see that someone build it .</p><p>I see the german description on youtube, do you also come from Germany ?</p><p>Regards</p><p>Christian</p>
<p>Yes I'm from Germany</p><p>With the poti on the ramps board I could limit the output current so the steppers weren't so noisy.</p><p>And yes fischertechnik is very nice :D</p><p>Regards </p><p>Max</p>

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