Picture of Poor-Mans Cd Candle
This is a very extreme variation of an old oil lamp where you have a reservoir at the bottom and a cloth or bit of rope and that the draws the flue up the shaft where it is ignited and burn.

Almost the parts are things that most people have around the house.

X1 soft drink bottle ( I used a Lipton tea bottle )
X1 5cm of 1/4 inch copper or steal pipe
X2 Cd
X1 bottle of mentholated spirits
some cut up strips of towel's for a wick

Rotary tool (The best thing since the silicon chip)
Scissors or a knife
And a heat gun or some silicon glue

Never leave a flame unintended!!!
If the flame gets in to the reservoir it will pop and force the wick out preventing a uncontrolled fire

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Step 1: Preparing The Parts

Picture of Preparing The Parts
The bottle:
Just cut horizontally across the bottom section of the bottle.

The pipe
Cut the pipe to a length of roughly 5 cm long so it sits in the middle of the bottle and has about 1cm above the bottle, this is so it will not burn the cd.
After this drill or cut a series of about 5 or so holes in one end of the pipe to allow the metho up in to the wick. the holes do not need to be big because the metho burns slowly

Step 2: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Now line up the middle of one of the cd's with the middle of the bottle and glue the gap between the two.

Do not glue the pipe to the cd other wise filling it up will be a pain and it could explode!!!

Doddity5 years ago
So it stops the fire by removing the wick if the flame goes into it? Cool!
thelastonekills (author)  Doddity5 years ago
ya you could but if the flames get in to the resivor, well lets just say things could get interesting