Step 4: Photographing in IR

Picture of Photographing in IR
IMG_20120519_143714 (Medium).jpg
You will notice that when you attempt to use the camera now, you more than likely can't see anything. That is because the film from the floppy disk blocks most visible light coming through it. If you hold it up and look through it, chances are you won't see anything. What it does allow through is IR light. The sun gives off most of the IR you will use to take pictures, but other things such as IR LEDs, lightbulbs, fires, and heating elements from stoves give off IR light as well. This being said, in order to get a proper exposure you will likely need to be outside on a sunny day, and if possible, set your exposure to +1 or +2. 

Some of the best things to shoot in IR are plants. They reflect IR very well. The color of the film will come through in your IR pictures, so shooting in black and white makes for great pictures in IR.

Above are some examples of things photographed with this IR filter on my HTC Rezound. The first is a 60w equivalent daylight CFL, and the second is outside on a cloudless day at about 2pm. You can see how much light you lose putting the filter on, so remember to shoot with as much light as you can. I didn't bother doing any post-processing with these pics, but a little touch up can definitely help.