Poor Mans Repair Guide For Chevy,GMC Vortec Fuel Injector spider or CSFI System

Step 2: Heat The Tubing and pull the Poppet out.

Picture of Heat The Tubing and pull the Poppet out.
With this step be patient, you need too heat the black tubing right at the poppet to just the right temp. the safest way to do it is to dip the  last inch or two in a pot of boiling water for about a minute.  
As soon as you pull the poppet out of the water start to work it out of the tubing with two pairs of pliers.
Be very careful not to scratch the poppet or break the hose. Don't squeeze to hard on the poppet or you will crush it an then you might as well buy the MFI kit cuz the cost about $80.00 a piece.
You will only have a few second at a time to work the poppet out before it needs to go back in the pot. Be gentle and it will come out.
If you are using a heat gun it only takes a few seconds to work it out, but if you over heat the tubing it will become brittle and increase the chance of making your problem much worse.  
Royevatom2 years ago
There is a semi clear tube liner at least at each end of the tubing. Under heat it collapses when the fitting end at the meter is reinstalled or at the poppet end when the poppet is forced into the tube after being heated. Once this is done you have have had it. It can not be reassembled. Two units down now after removing the fittings from the tubing.
Until there is more information and an address for the issues I ran into I would advise anyone to avoid this means of repair.
gtoner503 years ago
Damned if I can get these things back together. Who carries the tube? All the stores I go to have no idea what it is. I can't even find it on line. Now I have to go to the yard and dig up another unit.