Poor Mans Risotto came about from I guess through circumstance and going against the grain - If I told an Italian chef that I made Risotto without the standard he would say it isn't Risotto!!! But I would say it kind of is, as I use rice per se just not Risotto Rice....

You may also ask why circumstances would effect a popular recipe such as this one, well maybe it's all I had to hand at the time and improvisation is not a crime! It's just artistic license......

I will endeavour to give a step by step guide with images on how to make this very tasty versatile dish, which Is very moorish ;-)

Step 1: Ingredients & Cooking Method

1) 400g Napoli Whole Plum Tomatoes
2) 340g Basmati Or Long Grain Rice
3) 1/2 Small Red Onion & 1 Garlic Clove
4) 30ml Olive Oil
5) 1 TSP Mixed Herbs, Salt, Black Pepper
6) 350ml Water

First clear a decent work area - peal & Finley dice the onion & garlic, then place 30ml olive oil in a small/ medium pan (size of pan is important for amount of rice) & liquid but not too big.......

Add garlic and onions to the oil and cool on medium heat for 3-4 minutes, next add Salt, herbs & pepper. Now take tin of tomatoes and cut on a plate into fine pieces......why you may ask when you can buy them already? Simple answer 'Skin & Hard green ends' both of which I dislike. Add to the onions and simmer for 5-6 mins, now take the can and fill up with water & put aside.

Next add 340g of long grain rice add this to the Onion & Tomatoe Fusion/ Ragú and mix for 3 - 4 mins on medium heat & after which add the water from the can which is spot on 350ml. If you like me used a pan a little on the small side be very careful with stirring.

Step 2: Cooking Method Cont.

On a medium heat let ingredients gently simmer & from time to time stir the ingredients as the rice sinks and the water sits on the top, this will catch on the bottom easily. After a time the rice will swell as it absorbs the water.

When it resembles image 4 the heat will increase as can be seen from the vigorous bubbling at this stage turn the head down to maintain a low simmer and gently free the rice from the sides of the pan, so you rotate each scoop through 180o so it does not aggregate only at the bottom.

Step 3: Rice Nearly Cooked


Step 4:

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