Poor Mans Sinus Cleanser





Introduction: Poor Mans Sinus Cleanser

Hello to you all and welsome to my absolute first instructable (paus for applause) hehe na Im just kiddin, but for real it is my first instructable!

Anywho, Im here to show another Sinus cleanser (poor man style)

so here we go!

Step 1: The Musthaves

Heres whatcha gonna need to make this project possible

1. A water bottle
2. Water (DUH!)
3. Salt

This is the first step to a cleaner sinus

Step 2: The Alixer ...oooh Aaaah

Now take your water and salt and mix it together, note that you would prefer to have the water att finger temp. And remember that your "salty water" shouldn't be too salty, but more like if you taste it first it should almost taste like tears.... ALMOST!

Then fill your water bottle with the salty water and then screw the cork back on... okay?

Step 3: Time to Clean Thy Nose!

Now its time to rinse that nose of yours...

So what ya have to do now is tilt your head about 90 degres and put the nossle of the bottle to your nostrile and form an semi airtight lock on it....

and now you squeeze the bottle gentle and let the water run through your nose, note again that you should try and breathe normally (through your mouth) to avoid choking

okay and there you have it.... THE POOR MANS SINUS CLEANSER!!!!!

Thank you for checking in and have a good day



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    I had an incredibly nasty sinus infection that gave me excrusiating pain. I didn't measure the salt at all, in fact I used quite a bit but in addition to the salt, I added an equal amount of baking soda. (the combination was recommended by an allergist) The relief was stunning! the discharge was obviously really infected and there seemed to be a never ending amount of it. After about four days of rinsing (about 4-6 times a day) I was finally better-totally! I think if the sinus infection is really bad, and you don't want to use antibiotics, this is the way to go. I believe it also helped keep a sore throat at bay too. The ratio of salt to baking soda recommended by the doctor was 1 tsp. :1 tsp

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    @porcupinemamma: Oh Yeah! Thanks for mentioning the (baking soda & Salt) together. It worked very well for me. You saved me from an Asthma attack. I was so miserable before I flushed my sinuses with the (baking soda & Salt) mix. I will keep a ton of sea salt & baking soda from now on. Again Thank You oh knowledgeable one!!

    ;0) You are most welcome! (“I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.” ) ;0) tee-hee hee

    Sinus infections are very painful. I never thought about the asthma connection. It totally makes sense to me. I used to always have an asthma attack if I had a sinus infection. Well,who'da thunk it huh? LOL Stay well my friend. Oh yah BTW, I take ColdFX at the first sign of a cold, and in my humble opinion, it works like a charm .

    until now muslims do istinsyaq (pour clean water into their nasal passage then blow it out very strong and quick) within wudu (ablution/ seek to remain clean and maintain good hygiene) minimum five times a day before prayer to their Al-Mighty ALlah since 1500 years ago.

    the lady in picture onbe has a wardrobe malfuntion...

    Kewl another smart person, that is what i just used I think it probably works as well as a neti pot, why not.  I guess  need to use it more, my nose is still running like a race horse.  :O)
    I may use a mini te pot that I have but can't find at the moment, I think I lost it in the move.

    I didn't know I had a sinus infection but lived with partially blocked breathing, sensitivities to smoke, and continual "allergies" for 40 years or so. Seeing as how this was basically free, I tried it. After 3 months of daily irrigation with salt water my sinuses opened up. What a relief! I bought a ketchup/mustard squeeze bottle set (like for picnics) and used those for the salt water.

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    Wow! Well its a good thing that one can help themselves at the same time as keeping the financial part on the low side

    forgot to mention, I used a medicine dropper to fill up the solution and inject it into the nasal passage. I got the dropper at the pharmacy for about $2.00

    u kind of failed to mention that the salt water solution needs to be of the same salt content of blood or sweat. if u tasted tears before then thats how the water should taste, dont make it too salty ;)

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    Oh, sorry. Shall fix the error... but thing is I can't remeber if i wrote it down or not but, i use about a teaspoon of salt... anywho doesn't matter i shall fix the prob now! thanx for mentioning

    no probs ;) there is more important info u should look up too, to avoid any problems. like how to dry properly, and stuff.