Poor-man's Aerial Firework Show





Introduction: Poor-man's Aerial Firework Show

We like ground blooms, but they need something... more. Like altitude.

A paintball gun should help.

Step 1: Ready, Aim

You'll need:

1) Paintball gun (.68 caliber)
2) Groundblooms
3) Fire

Light a groundbloom and time the fuse length. Ours range from 4-5 seconds, depending on the type of groundbloom.

Step 2: Fire!

Hold the firework at the end of the barrel. Try dropping it into the barrel to make sure it slides completely down the barrel (the fuse or packaging can catch). The manufacturing quality varies widely, so you'll need to test each groundbloom individually.

Light the fuse and drop it into the barrel. Count to x seconds (where x is the fuse lengh), and fire the gun.

You can wait to fire the gun until the groundbloom ignites, but that may overheat the barrel. You don't need paint, but firing balls along with the groundbloom improves height slightly.



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    hello "ifixit"
    I'm mohammad from IRAN, I know english a little
    a sample firework simulation with FWsim 2
    mixing iranian National Anthem with firework to show
    i made it with fwsim 2 & ulead media studio 8
    you can to see it in this address :

    My girlfriend would love this instructable she would only need a paintgun

    How about THROWING the firework. Poor men don't have paintball guns now come on!

    12 replies

    catapult would be nice too, or slingshot or something like that, a trebuchet would own though,

    Yeah buddy. That's more "poor man" style!

    yeah, i was at the local university earlier this year and they had a pretty impressive (and advanced) one(it only launched spherical objects, but you guys should be able to get it to work properly with any shape) , here are some photos i took of it:


    Nice. I was just referring more to the projecting and being poor part on my original comment. Good input plus pics are always a + .

    huh? i don't quite get what your saying, would you mind re-phrasing that please?

    The projecting of the firework and the whole "poor" part. Thats all.

    by "projecting" do you mean flinging?

    https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Medieval-Trebuchet-Out-of-Cardboard/ There ya go hhahaha extra poor man

    This is for the rich poor man. AKA: Upper Middle class

    Or you could build a poor mans aerosol powered paint ball gun. Check out my instructable to learn how. Just search for aerosol powered paintball gun.

    Upper Middle Class FTW!!

    Or you can make an actual aerial shell, its not that hard, you just need to know how to. =)

    *hint*use propain instad of c02 it will be funny
    i like this a lot

    I live in canada and i got a huge fine, probably becuase im underage, was drunk and lit a tree on fire

    2 replies

    Just don't light trees on fire, do it in an empty lot, and your good to go! =)