Introduction: Poor-man's Aerial Firework Show

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We like ground blooms, but they need something... more. Like altitude.

A paintball gun should help.

Step 1: Ready, Aim

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You'll need:

1) Paintball gun (.68 caliber)
2) Groundblooms
3) Fire

Light a groundbloom and time the fuse length. Ours range from 4-5 seconds, depending on the type of groundbloom.

Step 2: Fire!

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Hold the firework at the end of the barrel. Try dropping it into the barrel to make sure it slides completely down the barrel (the fuse or packaging can catch). The manufacturing quality varies widely, so you'll need to test each groundbloom individually.

Light the fuse and drop it into the barrel. Count to x seconds (where x is the fuse lengh), and fire the gun.

You can wait to fire the gun until the groundbloom ignites, but that may overheat the barrel. You don't need paint, but firing balls along with the groundbloom improves height slightly.


msh1353 (author)2013-05-30

hello "ifixit"
I'm mohammad from IRAN, I know english a little
a sample firework simulation with FWsim 2
mixing iranian National Anthem with firework to show
i made it with fwsim 2 & ulead media studio 8
you can to see it in this address :

paininthebutt (author)2011-09-12

My girlfriend would love this instructable she would only need a paintgun

illdoyourdrugs (author)2008-07-29

How about THROWING the firework. Poor men don't have paintball guns now come on!

rrrmanion (author)illdoyourdrugs2010-10-04

catapult would be nice too, or slingshot or something like that, a trebuchet would own though,

illdoyourdrugs (author)rrrmanion2010-10-06

Yeah buddy. That's more "poor man" style!

rrrmanion (author)illdoyourdrugs2010-10-07

yeah, i was at the local university earlier this year and they had a pretty impressive (and advanced) one(it only launched spherical objects, but you guys should be able to get it to work properly with any shape) , here are some photos i took of it:

illdoyourdrugs (author)rrrmanion2010-10-09

Nice. I was just referring more to the projecting and being poor part on my original comment. Good input plus pics are always a + .

rrrmanion (author)illdoyourdrugs2010-10-10

huh? i don't quite get what your saying, would you mind re-phrasing that please?

illdoyourdrugs (author)rrrmanion2010-10-10

The projecting of the firework and the whole "poor" part. Thats all.

rrrmanion (author)illdoyourdrugs2010-10-11

by "projecting" do you mean flinging?

illdoyourdrugs (author)rrrmanion2010-10-10 There ya go hhahaha extra poor man

This is for the rich poor man. AKA: Upper Middle class

Or you could build a poor mans aerosol powered paint ball gun. Check out my instructable to learn how. Just search for aerosol powered paintball gun.

Way to kill the environment for your amusement.

Trace II (author)looking4ideas2009-02-13

Upper Middle Class FTW!!

Jupitane (author)2009-05-23

Or you can make an actual aerial shell, its not that hard, you just need to know how to. =)

hg341 (author)2009-03-30

*hint*use propain instad of c02 it will be funny
i like this a lot

beatit (author)2007-01-14

I live in canada and i got a huge fine, probably becuase im underage, was drunk and lit a tree on fire

Arbitror (author)beatit2009-03-18

Just don't light trees on fire, do it in an empty lot, and your good to go! =)

VagsmaCutter (author)beatit2009-02-28

You are an hero.

andrew101 (author)beatit2008-01-30

sweet lol

Digital_Anarchy (author)beatit2007-11-25

LOL thats epic!

John Smith (author)beatit2007-07-10



sadunpererarules (author)2008-10-26

dude. that SUCH a brilliant idea. ahaha, what happens if they get jammed down there?

i would imagine it would do nasty things to the barrel. a ground bloom flower melted almost the whole way through a wine bottle that i once put one in...

Tombini (author)2008-08-19

This is using STOREBOUGHT fireworks with a STOREBOUGHT Paint marker how is this an instructable its just an idea!

Thelonelysandwitch (author)2008-07-27

The ground blooms that I have fly up in the air so I don't need a paint ball gun. Also try a sling shot where you can see the fuse but the bad part is it wont go as far!!!!!

ifixit (author)2007-01-01

CO2, but I doubt it matters. The gun has some velocity adjustments we could have tried, but I was pretty happy with the default. The firework was aerial for over four seconds, which is slightly lower than the ground bloom burn time. Fee free to improve upon the technique!

FrenchCrawler (author)ifixit2007-01-01

In the long run, CO2 is actually bad for your marker and will eventually damage it. HPA is the way to go and is cheaper then CO2 (once you get all the things needed: Scuba tank, Fill Station, HPA tank). Around here it's only $6 to fill a 80 cu ft. scuba tank which will refill a 47 cu tank we have about 20 times. It costs $3 to refill a 9 oz. CO2 tank once. Just thought I'd share that "insight" with you :)

lemonie (author)FrenchCrawler2007-01-14

Come on now, markers are designed to work with CO2, no damage is caused. No.

FrenchCrawler (author)lemonie2007-01-15

Although markers are designed to work with CO2, damage can be caused if the liquid doesn't have enough room to expand into gas (which is why they sell expansion chambers seperately) and will freeze up the internals of the gun. Please see the link (Thread) that I posted below...

jester_rob (author)FrenchCrawler2008-07-08

This is why high end guns recommend HPA, the only damage CO2 does to the gun is that it can cause thermal strain on plastic and rubber parts.

lemonie (author)FrenchCrawler2007-01-21

I saw the thread below, I just disagree. Cooling is cause by adiabatic expansion, not having enough room to expand into gas will *prevent* freezing. I have on more than one occasion (including sub-zero temperatues) seen many well-used markers fired for long periods without failure. I'd suggest that some markers are badly designed, and I've only used more robust models?

PyroPat (author)lemonie2007-10-04

Different markers obviously work in drastically different ways. I own 2 Tippmann A-5's...most of Tippmann's guns are designed to use CO2--even without an expansion chamber or LPK. These are mechanical markers. Electronic markers (especially markers with vision) have a much harder time using CO2, and they really don't like it. The faster you fire, and high-end electronic markers can fire fast, the more likely you are to shoot "snow" which can destroy high-end markers, and markers not designed specifically for CO2. Not to mention the fact that some fields are just simply doing away with CO2.

flecth (author)FrenchCrawler2007-02-08

Liquid CO2 can damage o-rings. That is why you should always have extras for your tank. The urethane can’t handle CO2 evaporating on it. It causes it to dry out and eventually leak. I have seen guns damaged by o-ring failure. It can cause a bolt to wear against the side walls of the gun and preventing it from sealing properly again. Very rare though. Expansion chambers are used to help turn liquid CO2 into a gas for a more stable pressure. Liquid CO2 doesn’t have as much force behind it do to its slower rate of expansion. Liquid CO2 can also cause many lubricants in guns to fail also leading to wear and eventually failure. This would only affect a person who doesn't maintain there gun.

ry25920 (author)FrenchCrawler2008-02-03

Oh come on man! Co2 is perfectly fine for your gun! I will say that HPA is a much better gas, but Co2 will stay for ever.

westfw (author)FrenchCrawler2007-01-01

Careful not to have burning fireworks land on flammable things. Aside from the immediate damage, this is the sort of thing that makes AHJs REALLY not like having fireworks in the area...

> CO2 is actually bad for your marker and will eventually damage it.

Really? How so? I thought that stuff all started out with CO2. You gain a lot of potential range with something like CO2 that's liquid at moderate pressures instead of having to deal with higher-pressure gasses like air. Although perhaps the availability of composite tanks has made the theoretical advantages less meaningful.

FrenchCrawler (author)westfw2007-01-02

Here's a link:

If the liquid doesn't have enough time to expand to gas, it will freeze the gun and damage it. The reason markers start out with CO2 tanks (empty) is cause the tanks are cheaper to make and CO2 costs more to buy.

pbjosh (author)FrenchCrawler2007-01-05

I logged in and signed up to this simply to comment on CO2 usage in a paintball gun. CO2 usage is fine, no problem for a Spyder or clone, and especially for this application. I have been playing for 16 years, and even used one of the first HPA systems when they first came out. CO2 can be used in just about every marker, but in some more care needs to be done to insure the liquid CO2 doesn't hit some areas and expand, areas past the LPR or in a section that has a solenoid valve. A good regulator or epansion chamber helps a great deal. I have played with CO2 in Alaskan winters, and have frozen up many guns. But I have also played full games in the winter with those same guns with no problem. Down to -17. For this application, CO2 is NOT an issue. Josh

FrenchCrawler (author)pbjosh2007-01-15

I never said that it was an issue for this application, just stated that CO2 can freeze up the internals of the marker if he's not careful. P.S.- Welcome to Instructables...

shizzit3 (author)2008-06-11


Toni the rocketman (author)2008-02-14


Shifrin (author)2008-01-04

Wow those last pictures looked pretty cool!

The_pyrogeek (author)2007-09-09

cool idea, i will have to try it

prstevens (author)2007-07-14

Great idea..and relativley safe. Kudos

the gizmoman (author)2007-07-12

nice photos

crazykenny (author)2007-07-11

i take the powder out and fill up a pen or marker it makes a rocket if you have the right pen but this sounds awesome

Ohm (author)2007-01-01

Cool long exposure photos. I think the thing with CO2 is that it kills all the rubber O-rings and seals sinse it has a tendency to freeze them which makes them go brittle over time. I have an old S&W; pellet pistol that all the seals are toast for that reason and I am having a hard time getting new ones that work sinse they have to be made if special rubber to hold up to the cold.

FrenchCrawler (author)2007-01-01

I wouldn't technically call this a poor man's way of doing it since markers aren't exactly what would be considered cheap.... a sling shot would probably be the cheap way of doing it. Also what kind of system do you use? HPA, Nitrogen, or CO2?

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