Make a cheap ball mill for light use.

I needed to grind up some cat little to test if it would be suitable as a source of bentonite clay, I needed a ball mill but I didn't want to spend a lot of time making a decent ball mill if the cat litter wouldn't suit my needs.

Step 1: What You Will Need

you will need the following


a plastic tub ideally with a screw top

a cordless drill

1 bolt

1 nut or wing nut

2 washers

and some lead balls, you can make these using the following instructable

<p>In Australia, you can get bentonite at most farm supply places. It is apparently used as a stock feed supplement. It comes in a bag, and is granulated, so it still needs to be broken up. 1 bag lasts for a VERY long time. I don't bother grinding it up, I just get the appropriate quantity for the sand being used, mix it with water, stir it around until it is thoroughly wet, and soggy, and mix it through the sand. Keep mixing, until it is evenly distributed, then, bingo! You have green sand.</p>
Curious to know - is cat litter a good source of bentonite? And what do you use it for?
i dont know if its a good source but its cheep, I use it to make plugs in pyrotechnics and also for sandcasting.
This design would work better if you could form four or more evenly spaced longitudinal (parallel to the axis of rotation) ridges on the inner wall of your drum. This would allow the grinding media (balls) something to grab onto to be dropped creating a smashing force, instead of sliding on the smooth wall of the drum. They need not be very thick. Think; inside of a clothes dryer. <br /> <br />Perhaps an epoxy putty could be used. Or maybe heating the plastic drum to soften, then forming the bumps by pressing in from outside of the drum. <br /> <br />Just a thought... <br /> <br />
not a bad idea that, epoxy putty would be good, or you could as you say heat the plastic up maybe with a heat gun then push something in it. <br /> <br />for me this was a quick and dirty solution
I need to make something like this. One question, why Lead balls? are they just easier for you to obtain or is the lead's softness needed?
leads heavy and i had lead already, its easy to mould, plus at a later stage i will build a proper ball mill for pyro technics so i will need lead to prevent sparks
the whole point of building this is that it was quick and easy for me to test what i needed to do, its not suppose to be a perminant ball mill.

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