Poor Man's Drill Power Switch





Introduction: Poor Man's Drill Power Switch

Replacing damaged switch with Low cost easily available AC switch for drill machine.

Step 1: Parts and Tools Needed

Parts needed:
  • Electric Drill Machine
  • Old AC Switch or calling bell switch.

Tools needed:

  • Screw driver
  • Hand saw

Step 2: Disassembling Drill

  • Remove the screws.
  • Remove the wires from the switch.

Step 3: Modifying the Switch..

Cut the top part and bottom part of the switch. You can also use calling bell switch(push to ON)

Step 4: Replacing the Switch

Replace the switch and wire it.

Step 5: Final Step

Fix the screws. Your drill machine is ready to use.

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    This is something I am looking for - I think! It looks like you wrote this several years ago - have you had any safety issues or would you have done something differently? I have a variable speed cordless drill that I would like to convert to allow me to just switch it on a energize it to high speed. I don't want to hold the trigger in to keep it going or get it up to full speed. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated!!


    Not a poor man switch. This is an intelligent man's switch! Nicely done.

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    Nice 'ible. The only suggestion I have, would be to make sure that the switch is rated for the current that the drill needs. A door bell button might not be heavy enough.

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    Thank you..

    Yes you are correct.. The switch should be rated at least 6amps.

    Thank you for visiting my project. My drill does'nt has reverse function so I did'nt think of it.

    The drill is designed to only work when switch is pushed which you have now dissablet

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    He has not changed the functionality, the tool is active only when the switch is pressed in, just like the original. When released, it disconnects the power, just like the original. Look closely, the original had a "lock on" button to keep it energized, if anything his modification has made it safer since his switch does not do this.

    and if the drill stuck . you will turn around too , until someone put out the plug LOL.

    Nice idea dude , but as athomsen said... it has some safety issues...

    Simply replacing my switch with calling bell switch (push to ON) solves your problem.

    While using original switch we have to keep pressing on the switch or lock it. If there is any problem we will release or unlock . In the same way we can immediately switch OFF during the problem. Or you may replace the switch with calling bell switch.(push to ON)

    Don't you think this have some safety issues?

    HA this looks great! I love doing super cheap fixes like this. Just yesterday I used a switch from an old power strip and added it as a power switch to a florescent light of mine. So great!

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    Good work, many will bypass & hot wire the switch, so one must pull the plug to shut it off, a very bad idea, this is safer.

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