Poor Man's Fermenter / Airlock or Cork Improvisation





Introduction: Poor Man's Fermenter / Airlock or Cork Improvisation

Want to make some alcohol but not have much money in your pocket? So here's your fermenter!

Problem 1: No much money
Problem 2: No rubber cork/ appropriate cork, no airlock in your house and city.
Solution: Cover with a common bracket for finishing or metal furniture feet.
You can either put the bracket like a cork (inside) or a cover (outside), depends on the size of the bracket and your botle/jug. In my case it was as a cover.

I do not know if the U.S. has the same type of bottle which I used.
It is very simple and takes little time: the epoxy I used dry in 2 hours
Sorry for the horrible pictures, because I used a 'ching ling' cell to take pictures.
Also sorry for not having the final picture of the fermenter, because I broke the bottle. D'oh!
Also credits to the guy from the hardware store by the idea.

Step 1: Things You Need

- big botle / jug (for cheap wine and spirits)
- rubber backet
- level hose (thin e flexible)
- epoxy mass
- Cup, glass or container to dip the end of the hose in alcohol to make the airlock

*** If you have an airlock, you don't need the hose nor the container. ***

Step 2: Drill

Now just make a mark with what you have to hand. In my case I made a mark for the 'drill' not slip, so I drilled with a screwdriver (that poor!) by turning the screwdriver to 'eat' rubber instead of snap. The hole must be the size that fits the hose stuck in it, nothing less or much more.

*** If you have an airlock, make the hole tight to fit perfectly with no room for leakage.***

Step 3: Attach the Hose

If you are using epoxy, you need to prepare this. Insert the hose into the hole until about the size of the bracket but not less than half of it. Now make the junction with the epoxy so as to seal well.
This is necessary so that there is no exit or entry of air unless the other end of the hose.

*** If you have an airlock, just fit in the bracket. Be sure that will not leak air. If leaking, seal with some glue. ***

Step 4: Assembly

Cover the bottle with the liquid to ferment with their new cork-and-hose. Dip the end of the hose in a container with alcohol. After fermentation begins, you should see the bubbling container with alcohol.



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    ultra-poor man (stingy or beggar) : use a used and washed free condon

    Hehe -yeah -that's supposed to be a prison pruno trick. Oh, BTW: There's an added benefit to using a pierced balloon: When you move a somewhat flexible container, no dirty air is sucked back like in a regular airlock, the balloon just deflates some when you carry the container!

    there is a problem: there isn't protetion against contamination, use an air lock with alcohol and there is no problem.

    The theory is that the constant pressure of CO2 will stop any bacteria or other micro organism from entering the holes (made with a regular sewing needle).

    how thin is this hole?

    use a needle to poke a hole or 2

    These photos are so bad, it's hard to tell what your doing.

    1 reply

    I know that.
    Blame China for that.
    is a poor fermenter, then the photos should be of a poor too. LoL
    If I ever have better pictures, I change.