Poor Man's Monitor Stand





Introduction: Poor Man's Monitor Stand

Recently I bought a 24" LED Monitor on ebay for 50 €. It's a LG E2441, full HD with low power consumption of 10-21W and you can get one for around 195 €. Mine came brand new, and had only 2 scratches on the display and a brocken stand. So i decided to build one myself!



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    Thanks. I was all set to build something complicated when I found your solution. Meets my needs & is a much simpler design.

    This project is well considered, and a clever way to brace a monitor - I would love to try this - any intention of posting this as a step-by-step instructable?


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    I intended to make an instructable in first place but then realized its not that complicated and instead i made this picture gallery so the folks could use it as a guideline for their own builds. Also each flatscreen out there is different so i can't provide a step-by-step guide or describe what u need to measure.

    Anyway i added a blueprint and more pics.