Poor Mans Slingbox





Introduction: Poor Mans Slingbox

Easy way to listen to your sports team when overseas

Step 1: Set TV / Radio to Correct Station

You might adjust the volume to normal.

Step 2: Connect Headphone Out on Radio/tv to Microphone in on PC.

You can sometimes nick this cable from the one that connects the two external PC speakers

Step 3: Make Skype Auto Answer

You will find this setting in Tools/Options/Advanced

Step 4: Skype Yourself From Another Skype Name

When you Skype the home PC the auto answer will enable you to listen to whatever you left you TV/Radio tuned to.

Step 5: Remote Control From Long Distance

Shout down the mic from the distant PC and get someone near the home PC to change the channel.

Step 6: It Works

I am listening to BBC Open commentary in the PRC. HA HA HA to you and your Great Firewall.



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    hey man plz upload pics

    Tools/options/calls/show advanced "automaticallyanswer incoming calls". Your version of skype maybe different.

    This is the funniest step, you'll only be shouting at yourself because the SPEAKERS ARE HOOKED UP TO THE MIC :-p

    1 reply

    No it works, you are at a pc at a distance talking via skpe to the pc next to the TV/radio. The speakers on the pc near the Tv /radio still work.

    Pictures please?

    That's clever. This is a good way to listen to my Yankee games in PA :)