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I got a call yesterday night on face book messenger about my previous project Amplified Speaker system from Scrap.. It was an interesting discussion. During the discussion, the caller asked do I have any solution for super cheep sub-woofer.

I also felt it’s a expensive to have a sub woofer with good BASS (at least in India) It will cost you about 200 USD+. More over they all rely on very high powered amplifier, consuming too much of power means expensive wiring, expensive high wattage speakers and so on. So Instead of hi wattage woofers, I want to make highly efficient woofer.

As per Science, a Hi efficient Woofers needs to be “BIG” because more air volume (loudness) will come from large air movement, created by large cone movements – means very big woofer, in very big enclosure.

As per TRIZ, every problem is already solved by someone, some where ! With that in mind, I was looking at some of the cheap musical instruments & got “Ghatam” (it’s a spherical Clay pot based instrument – played in south India) it cost about 90 US cents in India.

To know more on Ghatam, here is the WiKi Link:

Step 1: Step 1: Building It !

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