Picture of Pop Art Negatives for Lumi Inkofilm
At our recent Lumi Build Day, we decided to make a pop art themed piece as a tribute to the founders of our makerspace. The important part was getting the negatives just right so we could get more of a painted on look than an actual photo and the right features were visible.

Things you'll need
A computer running GIMP
An inkjet printer
A nice digital photo

Step 1: Open the picture in GIMP

Picture of Open the picture in GIMP
I'm choosing GIMP because it's free and available on all operating systems so there's no reason for you not to have it :)
You can download it from www.gimp.org

To make things easier, make sure you choose a picture that has a lighter background and you have a clear shot of the persons facial features. The best pics are casual portraits where the subject is unaware