This is my first Instructables Article!

I must start off by providing the creative influence of the Evil Mad Scientist website which promoted their LED Ghosties on the NPR radio show during the 16 day government shutdown... so by some strange chance both my youngest daughter and I were listening about the wacky creations these guys have done...  Thus, this started our own version of Pop Bottle Ghosts with LED Eyes!

These are very, very easy [and cheap] to make and I encourage to do so with your children... at least mine enjoyed it!

Step 1: Assembling the Materials

Okay, so to start we just gathered our materials and of course if you are a fan of this site then you should be able to improvise as necessary... This list is what we used so feel free to copy or change... I am not going to provide quantities for materials as that will depend on the total number of these ghosts that you want to make.

1. 2 Liter Pop Bottle
2. White Ghost Bags (any white bag that fits nicely over the pop bottle or white cloth)
3. LEDs (RadioShack Assorted Pack # 276-1622 - 20 pk)
4. Coin Batteries (3V for the LEDs we got)
5. Fishing Line (any string - fishing line probably the best since it is translucent)
6. Nuts (or washers, toothpicks, ect.)
7. 3/16" Drill Bit (larger LED lights in the assorted pack fit this drilled hole size snuggly)
8. Permanent Marker
9. Scotch Tape
10. Scissors

Once again, tried to be a bit generic just so you get the idea.  Many of the items can be substituted for comparable materials!

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