This greenhouse is a perfect complement to your eggshell seed starters! It provides a warm, moist and bright container for starting seeds, and it is made from freecycled pop bottles.

You will need

Empty 2L clear plastic bottle & cap

Step 1: Prepare Bottle

Wash out the bottle you will be using and remove any labels. Most of the label should peel off easily. There may be a sticky strip on one side; you can usually loosen the label glue by soaking the bottle in warm soapy water.
I used your idea to protect some seedlings while I'm waiting to plant them. <br/><br/>I linked back here from the <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/pockafwye/3492897684/">original shot on flickr</a>.<br/><br/>Thanks!<br/>
<p>The pop bottle lids hol in the moisture, where are your tops</p>
Good job.Plants look great.
They look great!
good idea.. Will find 2L bottles now (Stopped to drink that much of coke / softdrinks since 8 months) <br>
Nice! Once spring comes 'round, Ill start saving some bottles!
If you have a southern side window, you my get a early start on spring. Doodado <br>
&nbsp;I'm sorry, I don't know what pop is....
I hope this will help.Soda is a fizzy,sweet,yummy drink.
Its American slang for Soda, amazing lot the first time I have seen this question asked!<br />
It's so funny, here in Australia they simply call it by brand, or just &quot;Coke&quot;. I tried pop, soda, and cola... Coke is the only word that works for the average Aussie. Haha
we vermonters (and other new englanders) call it soda too!
&nbsp;you must be from the south. we call it coke.
As Tazom explained, in Canada we refer to soda or soft drinks as 'pop'.<br />
tip about every day dry the bottle because the water will grow mold and can kill your plants
&nbsp;Great Idea! 5 stars!
wow looks good =D<br/>great idea<br/>
that's pretty cool man! :D i read this and the eggshell plant starters thing. i'll have to try this! thanks!

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