Pop Bottle Heat Shrink Straps/Tubing





Introduction: Pop Bottle Heat Shrink Straps/Tubing

Yet another use for this PET stuff.
Got a bundle of sticks you need secured for transport?
Need something strong to hold some poles together TIGHTLY?
Hate untying unruly knots?
Hate knots that come undone on the highway?

For this instructable, I will use one piece construction, but it can be cut into long strips and used similarly.

If you cut this stuff into strips as in Rope,cord,string from Recycled Water Bottles! by bara1962, you will not be limited to the tube diameter and will be able to secure larger irregular shapes, but you will also lose the strength and "convenience" provided by one solid piece.

Note - Various bottles can be cut into tubes of varying diameters/shapes and lengths as required.

Step 1: What You Need

Utility knife or scizzors (If using scizzors, they work better in one direction than the other)
Marker for uniform width, if desired.

Heat gun or other source of heat.

Something to secure ..... that will not melt.

Step 2: What You Do

1. Cut the ends off of a clear beverage bottle made of PET to form a tube. Cut tube into rings or straps if desired. One could leave one end of the bottle on to form a waterproof, durable cap, in fact.

2. Slip tube/ring over stuff to be secured together. Techniques for securing a strap will be your choice.

3. Heat and serve. Foil, or layers of, could be used as a heat shield if securing something temperature sensitive.

Step 3: Applications

Temporarily, or permanently, securing sticks, or equivalent, together.

Sealing the ends of tubes.

Belts. To be "secured" in place, and tightened with heat. There are two examples of latching systems below, in sequential order with notes on pics. My weaving skills are lacking, so you are on your own there, but you just know a heat shrink web would be a creature all it's own.

Hanging decorations and other stuff. Be careful to apply heat only to what you want heated.



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Thats really usefull if you run out of zipties or something. To bad in Germany they got that 25cent deposit for each bottle, so using zipties is probably cheaper :(

Sweden also has a refund system for PET-bottles but only soda-bottles. I've noticed that everything from shampoo and orange juice to draincleaner and underwear come in PET containers. I find it really useful.

I'm actually glad to hear that. Sorry. If they had a 25 cent deposit here, people would pick them up! Good in a pinch though.

here in Michigan we have a 10 cent deposit on our cans and bottles. Apparently it was put into place in the late '70s because there were so many cans and bottles laying around on streets and stuff because people were to lazy to throw them away. Now you hardly see any around here

No Dude back in the 70s bottles was and glass was reused more often and at as plastics became cheaper to use in food and drink packing most of the glass packages went a way. There was much debate on the safety on glass versus plastic. I think can understand that one and why. Many of days in the 70s I would walk miles of roads picking up pop bottles and chasing them in to take a hot chick out for a date among other things that was we done in the 70s heheh I will not list them here. I like to keep a good standing with admin! ; )

Back in the '70's, my cousin in Green Cove Springs, Florida, walked the highway ditches and boulevards (including the Interstate) throughout high school, picking up bottles. That's how he actually saved enough money to go to college, although I can't swear that he didn't use a day's worth of picking them up in exactly the way you did.  LOL

LOL yes college or educational  investment would probably been better in the long run then the hot date as well as the other things I did not list. LOL  But they suer was fun at the time  

Woooo!!! Michigan!!!! hahah. How are you liking this weather? lol

Gotta love it. We've had the same snow on the ground for about 2 weeks now. It just won't melt!

i know right. and now its near whiteout outside >_