Picture of Pop Bottle Minnow Trap
Hi, I just wanted to let you all know this is my first instuctable, but I think you will enjoy it. A minnow trap can be used to trap small fish to use as bait or even in a survival situation you can eat the small fish.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need
- two 2-liter pop bottles of any color
- a good sized strand of string or thin rope
- tape or glue (I used tape but glue would do fine)
- a hole-puncher
- and a pair of scissors 

Step 2: Disassembly

Picture of Disassembly
Well The first thing you should do is take the wrappers off the bottles and twist the caps off also. The next thing you're going to do is cut the top and bottom of the bottles off. The last thing for this step, hole-punch the center pieces at the bottom(this is for the string to pull the trap back in)  You won't need the bottoms for this project but I would save them because you never know what you might need them for.
wcrain2 years ago
What did you use as bait?