Picture of Pop Bottle Ornaments
'tis the season to be jolly right? this instructable shows how you can make an easy and affordable ornament for your Christmas tree. these ornaments can act as a lens to make your christmas tree seem to have more lights than it actually has.
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Step 1: Tools and other things

Picture of Tools and other things
these are the materials you will need

exact o knife
bottle (preferably a pop bottle)
needle-nosed pliers
3/16 drill bit
wire (you cam get this off of any dollar store note book)

Step 2: Cut basic Cut

Picture of Cut basic Cut
Instrucable christmas 003.jpg
for this step you first must stab yes "STAB" the bottom part of the bottle to get the basic shape down. after you "stab" the bottle cut all around the bottle. get rid of the top 3/4's of the bottle *throws bottle*

Step 3: Cut the shape you want

Picture of cut the shape you want
Instrucable christmas 005.jpg
Instrucable christmas 006.jpg
now with the scissors you must cut it down towards the bottom. however you can only cut to a certain spot (that is why it is recommended to use a pop bottle). at that point you are able to do some tweaking

Step 4: Tweaking

Picture of Tweaking
this step is when you make it your own. you can make it look like anything. i just did the basic to show you.

Step 5: Drill

Picture of Drill
in any part of the edges drill a hole with the 3/16 bit. that is the hole that the wire will go through.

Step 6: Straighten wire

Picture of straighten wire
Instrucable christmas 011.jpg
Instrucable christmas 012.jpg
Instrucable christmas 013.jpg
in this step you take the needle nose pliers, and the wire and you put the pliers at the end of the wire and your fingers where the coil begins. Then slide you finger down the wire for a flat and straight wire.than after you straighten the wire you cut it to the length you want.

Step 7: Tie wire

Picture of tie wire
Instrucable christmas 015.jpg
Instrucable christmas 016.jpg
after cutting the wire you tie it through the hole that you drilled. then make a hook.

Step 8: Done!!!!!

Picture of Done!!!!!
Instrucable christmas 018.jpg
and your done... now all you have to do is put it on your tree in front of a light and away you go.
craftyv4 years ago
Paper clips make great hangers. One end on the piece and the other on the tree. Good crafting
craftyv4 years ago
I acknowledge that you admit that "I just did the basics to show you" but I am encouraging members to try to cut the shapes crisply so that the ornament looks good even when the lights are off. Using the curves and shapes already in the bottle some very attractive designs can be achieved. Even the clear plastic looks good. I have enjoyed making them.
So that's what happened to those!
noble230 (author)  wiley coyote6 years ago