Pop / Rock Star Mask From an Old LP Album Cover




Introduction: Pop / Rock Star Mask From an Old LP Album Cover

1. Choose an album with the a lifesize-ish image of the face of a Pop/Rock idol.
2. Carefully cut out the eyes with exacto. If star is wearing shades, consider attaching your own to add some 3D interest to the mask.
3. Carefully cut out the mouth area to allow for common party activities (candy and other traditional Halloween party consumables).
4. You might find that you have to cut slits along the sides of the idol’s nose to allow the mask to fit snugly against your face.
5. Bend flap around the back of your head, make a few holes and secure in place with a piece of string.
6. You can stick the cut-out mouth on a wooden skewer (glue gun and/or duct tape) and use it as prop in front of your mouth.
7. Put on some appropriately loud Rock Star clothing and you’re done!



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