Step 7: Finishing Touches!

When the chocolates have chilled long enough, take the tray out and pop out the finished chocolates.
If necessary, use a knife to chip away any extra chocolate to make them look pretty and there you have it!
Fun Pop Rocks filled Chocolates!
Omg those look so good!!! I'm gunna try um.... THANKS!!! :D
<p>Pretty cool &amp; was even! :)</p>
Great idea, though i would temper the chocolate rather then just melting it : )
A perfect use for my star mold...an't wait to try!
Oooh! I never thought of eating those two things together, but it sounds awesome!
It was awesome! They go really well together. Especially the strawberry flavor pop rocks.
Oooh yes! Strawberry :D
wow! these will be awesome for april fool chcolate.
I agree, especially since they make a pretty loud popping sound when you bite into them. It's fun.
I found a spicy pop rocks chocolate bar once. It was amazing.
That sounds delicious! Maybe I'll try adding chili flakes to the chocolate or something to spice it up.

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