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Recently the need to recycle has spread to the world of fashion. A popular theme with eco-fashionist is a visual display of an item's use of recycled materials. Once such way to do this is to keep the recycled product in its original form, thus making it obvious that the clothing item is recycled. Some of the most popular items range from paper beads to shopping bag totes to pop tab bracelets. While searching pop tab bracelets I stumbled upon pop tab belts that were pretty darn awesome, but they were missing something, something that I have brought to Instructables: a construction as close to being all tabs as possible. This means aside from the cord to keep the tabs together, there are no other materials needed.

Step 1: Chug Those Sodas

Don"t really go chug some sodas, but be prepared to gather alot of pop tabs. I find that having a bunch of people (like at a party) aid in the process is the best way to go. You may wish to find a can recycling bin somewhere and mooch the tabs from the abandoned cans. You only need 2 materials and 1 or 2 tools to make a belt, which makes it really wasy to make. Another plus is, it's a great kids craft.

1. Pop tabs-numbers will vary depending on length but plan on using 3-4 tabs per inch plus one for the clasp and a few spares
2. Ribbon or cord- lenghth should be at least 4x longer than desired belt length and for width 1/8 in ribbon works well and is what I prefer

1. Scissors
2. Wire cutters*
3. Pliers*
*The wire cutter/pliers combo are fine to use

Um... wouldn't the tab clasp be a little flimsy and prone to breakage? Just saying that these things are made with aluminum, and i should know (my dad's a welder) that aluminum stretched like this (in pop tab shape) that it is very pliable.
I haven't had any problems and as long as a the belt isn't worn to tight the tab shouldn't be under enough stress to cause breakage.
Ok. =)

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