Pop Tab Bracelets





Introduction: Pop Tab Bracelets

Start raiding those recycling bins!
Turn aluminum can tabs into cool jewelry!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For starters, you need a pile of pop tabs. Somewhere between 20-26, depending on wrist size.
You also need elastic cord and scissors. That's it! No other supplies necessary.

Step 2: Start Assembling

Cut cord to approximately 2-1/2 feet.
Loop through the first tab, situating the tab at center of cord.

Step 3: Another Tab

Hold another tab below your first tab, (make sure your rough edges are always facing each other, smooth side to the outside) overlapping so you can see through openings of both tabs.

Thread the cord up from the bottom through both tabs, bringing top cord through top hole and bottom cord through bottom hole.

Step 4: And Another Tab

OK, now get another tab and hold it on top, overlapping as before,
and this time, thread the cords through the opposite holes forming an X on top.

Step 5: Keep Going

Another tab, held at the back and thread those cords through,
top cord-top hole, bottom cord-bottom hole.

Step 6: Don't Give Up

Another tab, held on top, thread cords through forming that X. Top cord-bottom hole, bottom cord-top hole.

Step 7: Almost Done

Keep going, repeating step five and step six, alternately,
until bracelet can be wrapped around your wrist and ends meet comfortably.
You need the last tab to be one placed at the back side.
Then, bring ends together and form final X.

Step 8: It's Finally Done!

Tie the cords in a knot and trim the ends.

Step 9: Masterpiece!

Turn bracelet back over and slide it on your wrist.
There should be just enough stretch to easily go
over your hand and then be lightly snug on your wrist.

Step 10: Add Personality.

There's plenty of ways to embellish these bracelets, too.
You can paint the tabs, use colored elastic, add beads,
anything you can think of.

Well, I hope my tutorial is clear
and you enjoy making your own pop tab bracelet.

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I was lucky enough to already have too many pop tabs lying around on a necklace I was using to hold my USB stick. So thanks to your guide I have a usb bracelet instead <3

I didn't have any elastic cord lying around but I did have four sets of broken earphones, I used one side of a split earphone cord and had plenty left over. It's a bit of a squeeze without it being elastic but I've left just enough space for it to not be uncomfortable and not too much for it to slip off.
It still needs some painting which I probably should have done before I made it but oh well!


i didn't have any elastic cord either but you inspired me to use my broken headphones, i didn't use this design though i used this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/Pop-top-braclet/

couldnt find any soda can so i went through my parents garbage can and got enough tabs for like twenty of these things! http://jambhu.blogspot.com/

I loved this idea, but it was too confusing. When I almost finished, the X's made the whole thing unravel into a big tangle. I had to cut the string to get the tabs free. Luckily I found another tutorial on how to do it without the X's. I don't know if anyone else had this problem, or if I just didn't understand the instructions... Well, thanks anyway.

make 1 all different colors plzzz

i painted mine whith nail polish to make it extream colered

It took me 2 hours to make it but it was worth the time! I did it and it looks great! But the bad thing is I didn't color it before! Try it with Monster Energy or Red Bull
tops! It looks cooler and it has color!

instead of cord you can use shoelaces or ribbon. i make these for my friends. it saves money and helps pass time

i have seen MANY people try and make directions on the pop tab brcelets but you explained it the BEST 2day alone i have made 4 of them 1 for my mom (she made me) 1 for coutney 1 for lora (my bffs) and lastly one 4 me thanks soo much and i think i am going to make matching earings (teehee) oh thanks again
Grr...Fear Me (thats my phone singature to)