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About: Any ideas on recycled stuff? :)

I had an old dress & decided to cover it in pop tabs & wear it to homecoming! The bottom is only finished because I am a major procrastinator, so I kind of waited until the last minute… But other than that it was pretty awesome! :) Comment if you have any questions I guess?
(sorry about the pictures, I didn't have any close-ups of the dress)



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    That be awesome.

    Awesome idea :D If you ever want to add something to the dress do only the rim around the neck or the top-part :)

    I like it with just the bottom done. It looks cute.

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    Thank you! Like I said I'm a procrastinator, so I kinda waited until the last minute. Now that I think about it, if I made the full dress, I really don' know how I would of sat down...

    It does look pretty cool. If you become addicted to instructables, start taking "how to" photos of everything you make. That way, when you make your instructable, you have plenty of pictures for all the steps. Even little details can help others make what you have made. Who knows your next instructable may have twenty photos. When I get out my camera and tripod, my wife asks, "What are you making for instructables now?"

    Good luck,


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    Thank you so much! I am soooo addicted to Instructables!!! I just recently got a camera, so now I can take pictures of everything! I think in the next few days I'll get the dress out again & take some more detailed pics.
    Thanks again!!!!
    And good luck to you too!

    it's kind of difficult to make out details with just a single pic but it is definitely a cool idea

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    I didn't have any close up's of the dress, but I pretty much just weaved the plastic lace stuff through the pop tabs. If that makes any sense. Sorry about the pictures.