Pop Tab Pillow





Introduction: Pop Tab Pillow

I made a pillow, with the front cover made of pop tabs, just because I've been collecting pop tabs and I haven't done anything with them yet.

This is the end result.

If there is any serious interest in anyone else making this - message me and we will see if I can't find the time to write an actual Instructable for this.



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yes plz do make insturctable fo dis pillow

That looks really cool and Im sure its a conversation starter, not sure how comfortable it would be though... all I can think of is getting my beard hairs caught....oooouch !

the top is really smooth.  It's more decorative than anything, but if you put it behind your head or neck, it's pretty darn comfortable

The pictures wont show up, post the pictures in a comment.

thanks for telling me.  I have no idea what the problem is... *sigh*

thanks :) I did just that.

I hope they fix it soon because I made a fondue set and I don't have enough pictures to make an actual step by step "how I did it" type Ins.