Picture of Pop-Up 3D words and messages!
Use this simple technique to turn any simple font into a full 3D pop-out message. Thanks to the awesome people at Comicraft http://www.comicraft.com for creating a special font to make this process even easier:

Step 1: Print out the words you would like to throw into 3D perspective on a sheet of paper. A heavier card-stock works even better if your printer can handle it.

Picture of Print out the words you would like to throw into 3D perspective on a sheet of paper.  A heavier card-stock works even better if your printer can handle it.

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snotty2 years ago
Hi everyone! The price was once $999, but now it's $59! Either way, it's really expensive. Luckily, I found a Pop-up font that's free (for personal use) here.
elemenoh9 years ago
Great documentation. I used a similar technique to make a valentine. You can see the rest of it here: http://flickr.com/photos/_elemenoh_/sets/120134/
hey can teach me how to do it??
kcls5 years ago
Is it just me or does the comicraft pop up font cost $999 for everyone?
New Picture (1).bmp
djr6789 kcls5 years ago
ye it costs $999 i think :O wot a rip off!
jsu2 djr67893 years ago
i know!
Win Guy kcls4 years ago
Oh my gosh, you can't be serious.
 So, you save $1200!
Yeah I'll go buy it, I've got that sort of money to blow on a font when I could do it myself....
hjostrander4 years ago
:P lol
selvee4 years ago
vry beautiful especially the interesting new yea rcard
ha ha, Irememebr doing these in 3rd & 4th grade years ago, thanks for posting, brought back memories
oink_096 years ago
Love it! Thanks a lot .
Already made 3 dummies and they all look great!
Can't wait to make the real one for upcoming birthdays =D
notveryreal6 years ago
I remember doing this in art class. :D
pierlo6 years ago
ehr,... what!?! i mean, the font's not free!! or am i wrong?
vianka996 years ago
how many cm do we need in the upper part?
Thanks for this great technique. I created a font that would work on die cutting machines like the Cricut.
You can get a copy, along with instructions on how to use it, here:
anetfrank6 years ago
I have done this by using the word art feature in MS word. I reverse the letters so I can print on the back and not let the lines show on front of word.
Fasteners6 years ago
hey, thanks for the instructible.
animes257 years ago
or you can use this free program that can save you from the hard work


and there is a Japanese Pro version from those guys
F-zero animes256 years ago
This program actually helped me plan out my card, as I was having some difficulty imagining how it should look. Thank you very much. Pics will be up soon.
benthekahn7 years ago
well, here's the card i made for my mom. Behind the text is mirrored paper. It turned out well and she liked it.
rosanna7 years ago
I used to spend hours years again trying to work this out and then making the cards, how easy is this. Thanks for sharing this with us, I am still amazed at the stuff I find on this site.
ile7 years ago
Thanks for the inspiration! I didn't use the font, just did it free hand. (It's a birthday card and it's in Finnish)
Merlin20077 years ago
Excellent and very creative !

Here is a link to a video at metacafe.com showing you how to create your own fonts using a built in program in a Windows XP OS.


claudiafaj8 years ago
http://www.flickr.com/photos/super_ziper/539503399/I used the technique with drawing, instead of letters, and it worked! Thanks for the tutorial!
andresm8 years ago
kguen10 to who is that "te amo" intended to???and where ae u from? mexico spain ?
hey r on that english show thats on g4 the one that has the fizz or exsplosion thing or u just got the picture?
kguen10 andresm8 years ago
to my girl and im from spain
I would have wrote cabron, -not sure of spelling- subtel, yet offensive
javadjafari8 years ago
waw! that`s interesting idea!
hubert8 years ago
That really wonderful and useful instruction. I use the technique make a bDay card to my gf. Thanks.
royalestel8 years ago
Oh yeah. I'm diggin this movie.
TF pop-up.JPG
tskdesign8 years ago
Very interesting instructable. Congratulations. I just found some perfect inexpensive gift ideas with this tut. Thank you for sharing
StaneStane8 years ago
Weee coool!
instructo448 years ago
how do you get that font or software?
spinach_dip9 years ago
I tried them--they're not quite as cool as the comicraft font--the have little tabs to space the letters away from the background, but they don't have the broad folding sides that the comicraft letters do that give that 3D look
edwin1989 prank9 years ago
I don't think it's hard to make your own popup font, or is it?? So I'd say: give it a shot :P (I'm too lazy to try :P)
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