Picture of Pop Up Pumpkin.
A pop-up paper pumpkin to download and make!
Fold the pumpkin flat then release it and watch it jump! The project is powered by an elastic band and is perfect for slipping into a book or greetings card. Watch the recipient's surprise when they open the card and a pumpkin jumps out!
Download the pdf to print out the parts.
This model is also available on www.robives.com 

Step 1:

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Print the parts page onto medium weight card. 280 gsm is perfect. Score along the dotted lines then carefully cut out the parts. Start by gluing together the two hooked tabs with the black circles face to faces then glue the tab next to them down.
libbyw191 year ago
That's a really great idea I bet it takes forever!
Articas1 year ago
Awesomely cool and a really love the design of the pumpkin
Kiteman1 year ago
Ideal to place in cards!
me1423 Kiteman1 year ago
hey, you were the one who made the paper kite!
Kiteman me14231 year ago
I've published a couple of kites, yes. So have lots of others.