Pop-Up Pyramid





Introduction: Pop-Up Pyramid

How to make a pyramid pop out of a plain piece of paper.

Step 1: Draw a Square With a Couple of Gaps

Step 2: Draw a Couple of Lines Next to the Square

Step 3: Repeat the Square and Line

Rectangles are OK, too.

Step 4: And Again

A couple more times should do it.

Step 5: Cut!

Bust out the razor and cut along the lines. Goes much faster if you do all the verticals first, and then do the horizontals.

Step 6: Pull!

Grab the center square and pull it out. Your plain piece of paper is now a funky bit of pop-up pyramidness.

Step 7: Get More Elaborate

If you have a serious case of OCD or a laser cutter you can take a simple idea to some ridiculous extremes.

Step 8: Change Direction

Instead of drawing squares and then lines, try drawing just squares with a 1/4 rotation in each successive square.

In other words, leave a gap on the right and left for the first, the top and bottom for the next, and back and forth and so on.

Step 9: Change Shapes

Here's an example of a circle design with a slight twist to it. It's too subtle to really see here, unfortunately.



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    would it turn out okay if you use a rectangle instead or would it turn out differently?

    These are a few of my trials... If you choose irregular gap widths and lengths between lines you will have a 3 dimensionaly self bending form while it is hung from apex.


    Whoa, these look great.

    Sorry about the late late comment. Haven't looked at this page in a while.

    This looks really fun, I think it could make some fun deco attaching them to ceilings. If I do end up giving it a try with my CraftRobo Pro, I'll post my cutlines...


    thinking about projection from the top on this. im making pyramid to test

    really cool!!! i did it ont he first try!!

    Are you using cheese!?!?! LOL