Picture of Pop-Up Pyramid
How to make a pyramid pop out of a plain piece of paper.

Step 1: Draw a square with a couple of gaps

Picture of Draw a square with a couple of gaps

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nikkim9 months ago

would it turn out okay if you use a rectangle instead or would it turn out differently?

malialtin4 years ago
These are a few of my trials... If you choose irregular gap widths and lengths between lines you will have a 3 dimensionaly self bending form while it is hung from apex.
fungus amungus (author)  malialtin2 years ago
Whoa, these look great.

Sorry about the late late comment. Haven't looked at this page in a while.
This looks really fun, I think it could make some fun deco attaching them to ceilings. If I do end up giving it a try with my CraftRobo Pro, I'll post my cutlines...
foks4 years ago
thinking about projection from the top on this. im making pyramid to test
Meganoki5 years ago
really cool!!! i did it ont he first try!!
SevereFlame8 years ago
Are you using cheese!?!?! LOL
 Nope, .. .  'E's usin' COCONUTS!!!
they aint using cheese! duh
KnexFreek5 years ago
 cool :)
=SMART=7 years ago
Here are my attempts :P mine seemed to just get wider as i drew the boxes lol
Wow nice, looks great if you ask me.
uzerzero8 years ago
I'm loving the fountain pen :) I like doing little tedious things like this to pass time in class, or at work, but unfortunately X-Acto blades are frowned upon at school. If there was a method to do this that didn't involve an x-acto blade, this would be really incredible :)
SmurfJ uzerzero8 years ago
Well a teacher seeing you in class cutting paper with scissors OR an exacto would be a little worried. What i do is run a regular ball point pen along hte lines over and over again with lots of pressure untill it 'cuts' the paper it doesnt look as clean, but it works!
Trebawa SmurfJ8 years ago
When i'm bored in class I do this and it works. When using relatively thin lined filler paper, you only need to push down hard enough the first time and the paper will neatly split.
Newspaper is easier. *wink*
or bring a little razor blade to school and keep your jacket sleeve over your hand? or just use a pocket knife and tell your teacher its for self protection...
self protection... that wont get you suspended at all......
a guy inventeda marker with a little tiny razor blade in it. could use that.
use just 1 blade of sciorrs to cut and it works like a blade
a metal compass' pointy end works well... just score over the lines and separate.
How long has that been your profile picture? I THINK U COPIER AUGHGGHGHGHAUFHGHGG (my war cry)
You can take apart a cheap plastic pencil sharpener for the blade. Then pop it back in when the teacher comes to look at your work.
If you fold your sheet of paper down the middle then you can use scissors instead of a craft knife. Fold, make a cut in each end of your foldd sheet, starting at the fold and ending before you reach the oppoite side (because you'll end up with two pieces of paper if you cut any further). Unfold and fold in half 'the other way' and make another two cuts. Repeat from the top with more cuts going towards the center of the paper.
fungus amungus (author)  uzerzero8 years ago
If you can use scissors, go for those. Open the scissors up all the way and use them like an x-acto to start all the cuts and then fold them back up to cut like normal for the rest of it.
queen roo6 years ago
wow! and you did that with paper?? i never knew....
Xenel6 years ago
can you post the circle variation and maybe some other shapes?
babymama116 years ago
this was so much fun i cant believe it. but my cuz showed me a hardr way: get a square peice of paper then cut verticle lines 'bout 1 cm. apart next make horizantal lines then add a little line going down the horizantal lines its juct like yours fungus but its more complicated **how do u make the circle pyramid?**
aufachse56 years ago
very niec great job
babymama116 years ago
this was so awesome to make! out of paper
Bassystacey6 years ago
Cool! It worked!
Metaferia7 years ago
did someone done this in paint or word? it will be much easier and will look nicer. thanks
=SMART=7 years ago
Very nice, i like the circle variation too, ill try this now and post pics later :D
Braeburn7 years ago
laser cutter + sheet metal and hooks...
cool..would really look good on thin metal sheets...hmm..ill try it out and post some pics!
majjck7 years ago
wow, i always wanted to know how they made these. nice job!
noahh8 years ago
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