How to make a pyramid pop out of a plain piece of paper.
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Step 1: Draw a square with a couple of gaps

Step 2: Draw a couple of lines next to the square

Step 3: Repeat the Square and Line

Rectangles are OK, too.

Step 4: And Again

A couple more times should do it.

Step 5: Cut!

Bust out the razor and cut along the lines. Goes much faster if you do all the verticals first, and then do the horizontals.

Step 6: Pull!

Grab the center square and pull it out. Your plain piece of paper is now a funky bit of pop-up pyramidness.

Step 7: Get More Elaborate

If you have a serious case of OCD or a laser cutter you can take a simple idea to some ridiculous extremes.

Step 8: Change Direction

Instead of drawing squares and then lines, try drawing just squares with a 1/4 rotation in each successive square.

In other words, leave a gap on the right and left for the first, the top and bottom for the next, and back and forth and so on.

Step 9: Change Shapes

Here's an example of a circle design with a slight twist to it. It's too subtle to really see here, unfortunately.
This looks really fun, I think it could make some fun deco attaching them to ceilings. If I do end up giving it a try with my CraftRobo Pro, I'll post my cutlines...
foks4 years ago
thinking about projection from the top on this. im making pyramid to test
SevereFlame7 years ago
Are you using cheese!?!?! LOL
 Nope, .. .  'E's usin' COCONUTS!!!
they aint using cheese! duh
babymama116 years ago
this was so awesome to make! out of paper
noahh8 years ago
tigerboy noahh6 years ago
right on
meowgu7 years ago
the shadows would look pretty
trippiest thing i have seen made out of paper.
cb_327 years ago
they should replace pylons with this... it will add some flare in the streets of north america