Pop (soda) Can Dirt Bike Noise for Bikes





Introduction: Pop (soda) Can Dirt Bike Noise for Bikes

Have you ever wanted your bike to sound like a dirt bike, without having to go through the trouble of taping a card to your bike frame (which by the way is a swell idea), well now you can with a simple pop (soda) can.

Step 1: First Find a Can.

A pop can, beer can, edit: soda can, any 12 oz aluminum can will work. Lay the can down about 10 feet or so in front of your bike.

Step 2: Makin the Noise!

Then ride your bike over the center of the can, the can should go up with your tire and stop.

Step 3: Forewarned.

Be careful though don't ride your bike too long with the can on your tire for it can wear down the treads on your bike. This may not work for all bikes but it could.

Off topic but this is a good hobby,



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how about I just shoot my tires and then it will sound like a cop chase

guys dont do that it complitely RAPES THE TIRES

aaah yes the good old days lol....Believe it or not back in the day we used..............Ready? Balloons! yes Balloon.....My " Schwinn Corvette " chrome fender supports were perfect. Tie one end to support, then blow the balloon up and tie it down. Just wrap around pull thru, done almost lol . Now push balloon towards spokes....Spokes will grab and pull balloon around youre ready!!!! The balloon will want to pull back but the forward motion wont let and you will hear boom boom boom booom will last long enough for you to have fun...well it was " back n the day " wink Happy Holidays all

this is sooo old but still is awesome yet can get annoying

at the risk of starting a flame war, could you do it with a soda can? :)

Oh, no - it has to be a pop can. If you want to use a soda can, you're too old to properly appreciate this Instructable... ;-)

Hey! Where I was born, everyone calls them soda cans. Where I live, everyone (but me) calls them pop cans. It's regional, not age! Besides, even if I was too old, my kids wouldn't be.

They're fizzy drink cans...

they... are... aluminum cans...

If this were Facebook, I'd like that.