Pop-out Christmas gives your giftees a multitude of things to do. You start with a card and end up with an ornament and stencil tool, with no parts going to waste.

The tool of choice here is a Laser cutter. But this can also be done very carefully and with much patience using an xacto knife. 

Step 1: Materials

To make Pop-out Christmas, you will need the following:

_Adobe Illustrator (or equivalent sketching program)
_AutoCAD (for tranfer onto laser cutter)
_Access to a laser cutter
_Matt board (1mm thick, 18x24in, white)

Optional (if you're planning to make these by hand)
_Xacto knife
_Cutting board

thats cool, but honestly, unless you had to make a lot of them, if you were making one then it would be easier to use the exacto knife.
I totally love this!!! I now NEED a laser cutter (sigh)!! I love your fun simple design. I just finished creating our family Christmas cards, little "knome" house on a post card... you can cut out & build. I am sooo imaging the possibilities. Thank you for posting this.
That's a very cool kind of buisness card. I like this idea a lot.

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