Picture of Pop-out Christmas

Pop-out Christmas gives your giftees a multitude of things to do. You start with a card and end up with an ornament and stencil tool, with no parts going to waste.

The tool of choice here is a Laser cutter. But this can also be done very carefully and with much patience using an xacto knife. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

To make Pop-out Christmas, you will need the following:

_Adobe Illustrator (or equivalent sketching program)
_AutoCAD (for tranfer onto laser cutter)
_Access to a laser cutter
_Matt board (1mm thick, 18x24in, white)

Optional (if you're planning to make these by hand)
_Xacto knife
_Cutting board

Step 2: Making the graphic

Picture of Making the graphic
Use Adobe Illustrator to draw out your own card shape and tree profile or use the image attached.

The key here is to draw 2 identical profiles of a tree and draw in a slot down the middle of each one; one slot from the top to the middle, and the other from the bottom of the tree to the middle. The slots should be the same length and the width should be the thickness of the board you plan to use. In this case it's 1mm.

Add text to the card and make sure the tree profile has a small break in it, to assure the tree is slightly connected to the card so it doesn't just fall out when you laser-cut it. 

Step 3: AutoCAD file

Picture of AutoCAD file
Take this card from Illustrator and save it as a .DWG file and import it into AutoCAD (or whatever software your laser cutter requires)

Multiply this card many times over the size of your cutting surface ina grid to maximize the cards made. I made these cards quite small. They are about 3x5 inches each. 

In AutoCAD, you can set the line type forthe text to another colour. Then set the laser cutter to assign this colour to a less powerful cut, so it simply engraves the text rather than cutting it. 

For the rest, you must configure the cutter for cutting Matt board of that specific thickness.  
kde leon31 year ago
the poodleo4 years ago
thats cool, but honestly, unless you had to make a lot of them, if you were making one then it would be easier to use the exacto knife.
I totally love this!!! I now NEED a laser cutter (sigh)!! I love your fun simple design. I just finished creating our family Christmas cards, little "knome" house on a post card... you can cut out & build. I am sooo imaging the possibilities. Thank you for posting this.
That's a very cool kind of buisness card. I like this idea a lot.