Picture of Pop top bracelet (doubled)
This instructable shows how to make a doubled version of my pop top bracelet
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Step 4: Across, down and in.

Picture of Across, down and in.
Put the string across the gap anddown through the big hole of the first one and down through the small hole of the second one

the video shows me doing 2 or 3 of the x's

Step 7: Expansion

You can expand this by adding more rows and doing the same as this. I was thinking of doing a pop top chainmaille instrucable, but it would take too many tops.
GinnyBell3 years ago
Very clever! ! ! What's next?
iamtoats6 years ago
im going to make a tripple. I have over 300 poptops in a bowl on my desk. I have been picking them up for 3 years. Tons of awesome colors/designs/patterns. Lots from energy drinks (those are the best)
Wonderful Work! Congratulations!