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Introduction: Pop Top Braclet

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This instructable shows how to make a bracelet out of the thingys on top of soda cans.

Step 1: Supplies

Get a lot of soda can tops. I'm 13 and I used 14 on this one. I used 17 on my other one so get 25 and you should be okay.

You also need string.

And scissors.

Step 2: Starting It

Put the loop through the top hole as shown in pic 1

Put the 2 ends through the loop as shown in pic 2

Step 3: First One (cont)

go around the sides and down through the bigger hole.

Step 4: Piece Two Side One

put the string down into the smaller hole, around the side to the top, and down through the big hole.

Step 5: Repeat on Other Side

Repeat on other side, and pull tight.

Step 6: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until desired length.

Step 7: End It

once it's long enough,put the string down and throug as you would (pic 1)

tie a pretzel knot around the side of the pop top

Step 8: Cut & Youre Done!

Cut off the exess and you are done.
Show off as much as you want.

Step 9: Doubling It.

I just finished doubling it and taking pics, so the 'ible will be up in a matter of days.



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    Great Idea I like the simple design :) Nice shiny and affordable gift for someone

    Cool one. I made myself one.
    When my friends saw it, they shout "Made my one too!".


    i still can't get step 2. :( how to put the 2 ends through the loop.

    *is confused* a pretzel knot?

    try turning the tabs sideways.. i make bracelets like this, its kinda hard to explain. Anyway, i love sodatab crafts! _

    1 reply

    I tried the other 'ible soda tab bracelet that's sideways & it's more comfortable to wear than this one as it doesn't lay flat unless you'd tap it partially round on a can or mandrel. I like any upcycling, I tell folks, "Tell me what you throw away & a craft likely can be made from it."

    I wonder if you could use the stretchy elastic used in jewelry making. That way you wouldn't have to be so concerned about getting it on and off.

    Thank u! can you do a belt =)

    super duper im doin this now maybe u shoud paint the tops too i did

    how do you go from the frist picture to the second one?

    2 replies

    sorry for late response. put the two loose ends in the bottom- right up through the loop of string.

    How do you do that can you descried it in more detail.

    I like it! It's suprisingly easy to make, and look pretty Kick@- if I do say so myself.

    this is easier than the others I LOVE IT!!

    Elastic cord could be used instead of string so that it could be slipped over the wrist