We have lots of room for sleeping in our pop-up with a king, queen and two twin beds...unfortunately this comes at the cost of a lack in storage. So my dad and I thought that we could solve that problem a bit by adding some shelving above the sink area and a storage area right by the entry door.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

We purchased all materials that we did not have on hand from lowes. Materials: 6' linen wire shelving (the linen clost shelving is deeper than the traditional shelving, but its up to you.) -- $13 Chain - we greatly overestimated how much chain we would need. We used about 6' with of chain at $.43 a linear foot. S hooks - we found that you can actually bend the chain we used to serve this purpose but you may née them depending on your chain. $1.50 for 6 (you will need 16) Rivnuts and screws - we used rivnuts to secure the shelling to the ceiling. There are other ways to attach it if you don't have access to the rivnuts tool. -- $0 Suggested tools. Pliers - to bend the chain apart Rivnuts tool - to place the rivnuts in the ceiling. Screwdriver - to screw in screws :) Cut off wheel - to cut apart the shelf Sharpie - to mark where to drill Drill and bits - we used a centering bit and a sheet metal bit to make sure we did not drill in too far.

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