This is an easy-to-make pop up card with can also be used for decoration purposed. Hope the instructions are clear enough :)

Step 1: Material Required

> Paper: Executive or copier sheets would be good enough. Avoid going for a paper too thin, or too thick as they would be problematic later,

> Colored sheets of paper for base, and decoration.

> Basic stationary
<p>Interesting :)</p><p>I'm gonna make this!</p>
<p>Please do, i'd love to see :)</p>
<p>Made it! Thanks :)</p>
<p>Put up a picture please :) </p>
<p>nice pop up card :)</p>
<p>Interesting honey comb pattern. I wonder what else can we make using this pattern apart from a snowman?</p>
<p>You can make an interesting heart shaped pop up card too! :) For that matter any shape actually!</p>

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