Picture of Pop up Snowman with Honeycomb pattern
This is an easy-to-make pop up card with can also be used for decoration purposed. Hope the instructions are clear enough :)
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Step 1: Material Required

Picture of Material Required
> Paper: Executive or copier sheets would be good enough. Avoid going for a paper too thin, or too thick as they would be problematic later,

> Colored sheets of paper for base, and decoration.

> Basic stationary

Step 2: Making the honeycomb pattern

Picture of Making the honeycomb pattern
Start by cutting circles of two different sizes. One will be the body of the snowman, other the head. So, size can be taken accordingly depending on the dimensions of the card. 
8-10 circles of each size would be good enough.

Step 3:

Picture of
Next, stack circles of the same size together and center fold them. 
Now comes the tricky part. Once they are stacked, start applying white glue, a drop near the edge, stick both sides together and next time near the center fold line, and stick the sides together, again. Continue this step over all folds and for the smaller circles too.
The green dots in the image show position.

Next, once you are done, let it dry for a few minutes. The honeycomb pattern is now ready. At this point, you can also cut the hands and the hat of the snowman.

Step 4: Assembling

Picture of Assembling
Stick the base of the circles to the card, aligning the center line of both. Also stick the hands and the hat.
If it looks something like shown in the picture, then you're going right  :)

Step 5: Ready :)

Picture of Ready :)
You card is now ready. Personalize it in whatever way you want! :)

Step 6: Hang it!

Picture of Hang it!
If not a card, one can also hang it around the house or maybe like a Christmas tree decoration.
fkme1 year ago

Interesting :)

I'm gonna make this!

m bedi (author)  fkme1 year ago

Please do, i'd love to see :)

mntllangl1 year ago

Made it! Thanks :)

m bedi (author)  mntllangl1 year ago

Put up a picture please :)

hrtrbbr1 year ago

nice pop up card :)

m bedi (author)  hrtrbbr1 year ago


mntbd061 year ago

Interesting honey comb pattern. I wonder what else can we make using this pattern apart from a snowman?

m bedi (author)  mntbd061 year ago

You can make an interesting heart shaped pop up card too! :) For that matter any shape actually!