This is a suit of armor made entirely of pop/beer can tabs and copper wire.

It started out as a few tabs strung together after watching Edward Scissorhands, but quickly evolved as my Obsessive Compulsive Nature set in.

It's surprisingly durable, and also has some flex to it.
4 of us couldn't rip the shield apart, trust me, we tried.

You imagination is the limit for using tabs and wire, so start designing!!

Step 1: Pop/Beer Can Tab Armor Phase 1

To begin, you'll need to amass an incredible amount of pop/beer can tabs and copper wire.

I posted ads on Kijiji looking for tabs as well as raiding recycling bins in apartment buildings just to start.
In desperate times, you may be able to hire a hobo to hunt and collect tabs for you.

For the copper wire, I used almost anything I could find that was a decent gauge.
A good source of wire is inside older tube televisions and small electric motors.

The majority of this stuff can be found for free on Kijiji or your local classifieds.
ahem..... &gt; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VufilzHKTqk <br> <br>instantly reminded of this
<p>LOL - that was great! Thanks for sharing that! </p>
<p>I plan on making this with a backing. I will use for SCA battles but will have as I said a backing to make it fit the SCA regulations. Can you show us the instructable for the shield?</p>
<p>work in progress and the cuts on my hands to prove it. Ow</p>
<p>Hey! That is amazing I was collecting these things for one reason or another so I think I will be doing is soon, Do you think if I use some stronger wire like the stuff they use to make chicken wire that it would be liable to say......some protection? </p>
<p>could you use crafting wire (stuff that is used for making jewelry and things) instead of copper wire? I have tons and tons of the crafting stuff, but no copper. Do you think that would work? </p>
<p>how many can tabs approx did this take i need to know how much to pay the hobo</p>
Awesome job!! You could make some serious art! You should make animals! Or humans!
<p>Nice project! Need to drink a lot of coca cola before making this thou. :)</p>
<p>I wouldnt make it very long in trying to make this. LOL &quot;Patience isn't my strongest suit&quot;-Wolverine Days of Future past</p>
I attempted to make this mail a long time ago. After a week or so, I gave up. Although I used thicker wire, I still I can't even comprehend the patience it must take.
Can I just buy it from you
I would love to see a picture of this on! VERY cool!
awesome! i've been wanting to make chainmail for the longest time. i mean, who knows when it'll come in handy, right? this is badass
This is just a little TOO awesome! So epic!
I have more than 4000 tabs, Your armor set is what made ​​me decide to do something with them. Thanks for the inspiration. I will send you some photos when I end (maybe never haha).
Since you are looking for suggestions, why not make a body to go in the armor. I'm sure that you could pick up some small 1 in PVC pipe to make the basic skeleton and then use the tabs to make a head and hands.
How many can tab you used for the helmet?
I haven't been counting and have no intention to do so, but a rough estimate would be 900-1000 tabs.
holy s***t!! i have only 45!
I haven't been counting and have no intention to do so, but a rough estimate would be 900-1000 tabs.
may not be cheaper....idk, but it'd be faster if you purchased links from theringlord.com. i'm sure you could find some ideal material/gauge/inner diameter spec for this that'd take a lot less time then winding copper wire around each scale.
Valid point, but I was more looking to assemble this suit using completely free parts. <br>If I were to spend money on the project, I would have just made real chain mail. <br> <br>Cheers!
yeah, you have a good point there. looks great even with recycled parts.
You farging bastige! you stole my idea! Seriously, good work on those. I use 17 gauge aluminum fence wire from Rural King.
Haha.. very nice! Do you have any pics of your work? Checked out your page, didn't see an instructable on it. <br> <br>Cheers
you're crazy, dude
Like a FOX!! Cheers though
Very nice, I admire your patience...
Cheers, I formulated my bucket list while building this suit.... Took a while.. Haha
This is amazeballs. You deserve an award.
Hahaha Amazeballs.. Love it... So what did I win?
This is actually the best looking set of poptop armor I've seen so far. Good job!
I'm sure you could top it.. I dare you. <br> <br>Thanks!
soo cool
This is amazing! How long has it taken you to get this far?
It's taken quite a few months of doing small chunks at a time. It's been taken apart and remoulded into something else many times over. <br> <br>Thanks for commenting! <br> <br>
My jaw hit the floor.
Try to top it... Your project will evolve... trust me. <br>
if old tube TVs work like the old monitors and should be regarded very cautiously when taken apart in case of electric shock from charged compactors other wise great project i have tried to make chain mail and failed for lake of patients but i defiantly will try this
A VERY good safety point!! Capacitors can hold their charge for a very long time after they've been unplugged. Take care! <br> <br>Cheers!!
Gloves and boot covers come to mind. You have way more patience than I do to do this stuff. Ever consider real chain maille?
Nah, real chain mail doesn't appeal to me. This was more of a hobby. <br>Yes, I made the gauntlet for the right hand, and the left hand is protected by the shield. <br> <br>Cheers!
How in the world tit you have the patience ??? <br>I'm in awe. <br>Wonderful : have you tried it ? <br>congrats&hellip;
ALOT of movies were watched during the making of this suit. Was still a productive member of society during the day, but this was the temporary hobby I came home to every night for a while. <br> <br>And of COURSE I've tried it!! How could I not?! Haha <br> <br>Thanks.
Amazing! Perhaps you could get your hands on an old mannequin, or even better, make some kind of wood frame dummy to display your creation.

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