Hello everybody. With the same circuit radio recycled cardboard:
we can create other toys. This one here.

The speaker is a device that mechanically vibrates upon receiving power. Using the electronic circuit, we simulated several peaks of energy use and the vibration coming from those peaks to create a visual effect that is quite interesting.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

- A transparent plastic bottle;

- Pieces of styrofoam (will popcorn);

- Q1 = BC548 or equivalent transistor (NPN transistor for general use);

- Q2 = BC558 or equivalent transistor (PNP transistor for general use);

- FTE = 5cm speaker 8 ohms or 4 (taken from a sound box pc, old);

- S1 = simple switch (contact switch removed junk);

- B1 = 3 to 6 volts;

- P1 = 1M ohm potentiometer;

- R1 = 10K ohm resistor (brown, black and orange);

- R2 = 1K ohm resistor (brown, black and red);

- C1 = 10 microfarads electrolytic capacitor to 12 volts;

Miscellaneous: Bridge terminal to make the connections, support for cells, button to the pot, wire, solder, etc..

Note: Resistors 1 / 8 Watt power.

The circuit was mounted on a terminal strip as shown. I think it's pretty clear that the design and will offer no difficulty to those who venture to make an equal.

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