Step 7: Spinach can - part 2

Picture of spinach can - part 2
With the top of the can finished, we can turn our attention to the details and the sharp edge left from our opener.

inside of can:
As this can is intended to hold my drink as well as act as a prop, it is important to insulate the inside of the can. I used foam sheets from the $dollar store, and since the inside of the spinach can is not going to be seen you can use whichever colour you like. Add a small glob of glue to the bottom of the can when inserting the liner, this will keep everything in place when you're switching out drink cans later.

Next, it's time to add a label. After some research I found that there is a brand of spinach with Popeye on the label. Unfortunately this product is rare outside of America, so I made my own label.

*label available to download as PDF below the pictures on this step.

sharp edge (spinach cover):
To cover the sharp edge left by opening the can I used some cut green foam sheets to look like spinach was overflowing from the can.
Selectively cut the foam sheet to look like spinach, make sure you leave the text of the can visible.
spinach label.pdf(680x283) 2 MB