Step 8: Crazy Arms

I was able to make my Popeye arms from a few pairs of ladies stockings and some pillow batting. Wrap forearms with batting and hold in place with masking tape.
Some finesse is required to ensure your muscles aren't lumpy. Tape up arms to hold the batting in place, then cover forearms with stockings. I used two stockings for each arm to help hide the masking tape and white batting.

Use a marker to draw on Popeye's famous anchor tattoos on each forearm.
I'm not sure how it works, but the Missouri Meershaum Company makes their corncobs using glue (not in a way that reduces functionality of course). I just wanted to say that its possible :)
Can you actually smoke out of this pipe? Seems like it should work, but since this is for a costume, I just wanted to make sure.
Yes, the pipe actually worked. We mashed up cigarettes and pipe tobacco and used it during a Halloween party. <br /><br />If you intend to make a corn cob pipe and use it I suggest friction fitting the pieces together rather than using glue.<br /><br />I'd love to see your version if you make one!<br />
Thanks for this wonderful post. We used this design to help us with our Popeye costume. We ended up winning our costume contest at work! <br>Here is a picture ouf our completed costume: http://bit.ly/9Lb7qb
Great job on the costume! <br>Looks like you had some competition for your work costume contest, congratulations on winning!
AMAZING!!!!!! Well done.
Awesome costume!
Wow! Your props are awesome! Can't wait to eat that cob of corn I've got in the fridge so I can turn it into a pipe!!!
yessss. great family guy clip!
Wow, that is excellent! And I particularly love the solution for the big arms.
Love it!
Awesome!! So much fun. I've been a huge fan of Popeye since I was little. I would have killed (not literally) to have a Popeye costume like this as a kid. You've rekindled the flame, my good man!! Next year for Halloween I'll be eating me spinach.
you singing popeye would be fantastic i have to agree with ChrysN
What would be really great is a video of you singing that song!

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