Picture of TP Popper Time Bomb/Fire Seed
This Instructable will show you how to make a popper sized time bomb that is quite easy and unpredictable in the time of detonation. I will warn you that it is very unpredictable, not that it might not explode trust me it will, but what categories it as a time bomb to me is the fact that it will burn for at least a minute if done properly.
Now I say "at least" because I have timed them from one minute  to  one minute and forty five seconds. I have thought it went out and it  blew up two or three feet from me, and I thought, "I was going to pick that up!"    JUST DON'T EVEN TRY TO PICK IT UP! Just leave it, trust me.
If you "plant" it in, say for example a card board box, it would burn down the box and blow away the evidence.
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Step 1:

Picture of
What you will need is mostly found in the home. All accept the power charges.
1.Power charges from any caliber I guess.
2.A lighter or match.
3.Lighter fluid(optional)
4.Thin string(preferably cotton)
5.Pliers(needle nose if possible)
6.Toilet paper

This is exceedingly simple and should take you about three minutes to make. The size and loudness of your bomb will fully depend on what kind of power load you use. The amount of TP you use is crucial in how long you want it to burn.

Step 2: Open The Carge. Or Not...

Picture of Open The Carge. Or Not...
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Option#1-To open a charge, use your pliers to squish the end of the load flat. Just the end! Once you've done this, take it again and squish it from the opposite sides you just squashed thus opening it. Confusing in words, but easy to do.

Option#2-Unless you don't want to open the charge and want a bigger explosion. If you dont open the charge, you will get a louder and more dangerous explossion. If you choose to leave it closed, it will create shrapnal and will send shards of the charge flying through the air. It's just a minny grenade.

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