Along with paper airplanes my dad made these for me all the time when I was younger. Simple fun switchblades you came make with just 3 Popsicle sticks and 2 Rubber Bands.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

What you need:
3 Popsicle Sticks
2 Rubber bands

Wire cutters
<p>Love this! This is the one that I made!</p>
dagnabbit no popsicle sticks!!!!! =(
Awesome but is it legal because it is still a switch blade but wooden<br>
thats the fricken coolsest thing ever, super simple and fun
thx it took me a 1/2 hour to get the last part right
nice instructable dude, thanks alot
thats a really good idea! i'll probably make one next time i have popsicle sticks haha :)
this is genius! rig it up wit an x acto blade and you've got a productive tool!!
dood that's exactly wat i did but it wasn't really useful cuz i couldn't cut any thing with it. it was fun to open tho!
i sorry but its so hard to get it right its either too hard or too loose I got so mad i broke mine in half:(
you broke it in what!!??
This will work so well in my popsicle stick nija war that my friend and I are going to have. We've got throwing stars and ultimate ninja katanas. The swords are life sized and I may post them.
You can also strap it on to your wrist and use it as an assassins creed hidden blade.
i live in texas so switchblades r 100% legal and so r butterfly knives.
I just made one of these and thier soo simple to make. But yet so fun to use. =D<br/>
My dad's a pilot, and he brought one back from one of his trips. It said polish switch blade on the box so I assumed they came from Poland. Anyway, I sometimes make them but I don't sharpen them and I use a clothespin.
I used to make these all the time and had forgotten about them as an adult. Thanks for bringing back some good childhood memories!
Cool! Love it!
Oh man! I remember making these in grade school. That was way before zero tolerance. Thanks for the blast from the past!
Out of curiosity, has your father ever served time in prison?...

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