Introduction: Popsicle Launcher

Picture of Popsicle Launcher

Items used:

1.Soldering kit

2.Electric tape

3.Glue gun

4.Popsicle sticks x 4


6.9V Battery

7.DC motor

8.Snap connectors

9.SPST switch

Step 1: Wiring the Switch

Picture of Wiring the Switch

connected one lead from the battery snap connector to one end of the switch

Step 2: Solder

Picture of Solder

every connection was soldered

Step 3: Other Lead

Picture of Other Lead

I had another scrap wire that I connected to the other connection on the switch. it should look like this by now :)

Step 4: Dc Motor

Picture of Dc Motor

then connect and eventually solder the to leads in the previous step to the DC motor.

Step 5: Test

Picture of Test

connect the battery and test, success!!!

Step 6: Frame

Picture of Frame

take 2 popsicle sticks and arrange/glue them to the battery and motor in this sandwich-like arrangement.

Step 7: Switch Holder

Picture of Switch Holder

A 3rd popsicle stick will hold the switch in this manner. I used more glue to hold this together.

Step 8: Trim/clean Up

Picture of Trim/clean Up

I eventually used electrical tape on the batt and motor to ensure they stay put and cut off some protrusions.

Step 9: Make a Hole in the Prop

Picture of Make a Hole in the Prop

the propeller...i had a small screwdriver with roughly the same size as the shaft of the dc motor. i made the hole by heating the screwdriver up (candle) and poking thru the popsicle stick. (bcs i like to play with fire)

Step 10: Form the Twist

Picture of Form the Twist

twist the propsicle (prop+pop) sorry not that funny :/

Step 11: ENJOY!!!

Picture of ENJOY!!!

then go outside and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

please make sure to check out the video (above) for more info and if anything feel free to ask away. I'm still new at this so it may take me a minute.


bacardiman04 (author)2017-04-16

looks neat. problem with video link

DADDIY (author)bacardiman042017-04-16

Hey sorry that the link didnt work im not sure what happened but if you'd like here it is
I appreciate you checking this project out!

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