Popsicle Stick "Bomb"





Introduction: Popsicle Stick "Bomb"

Make an exploding popsicle stick distraction. Throw it and run. The pictures are of toothpicks, which work just as good, but have really small explosions.

Step 1: Get Materials

Easy, easy, easy. Get 5 popsicle sticks(or toothpicks).

Step 2: Arrange

Arrange 3 of them into order from bottom to top as said: middle, side, and side.

Step 3: Weave...

Take 1 stick and layer it through the other sticks in the order of: over, under, over. The sticks will start to bend; just be careful.

Step 4: ...And Weave Again

Take the last stick and weave it the opposite way of: under, over, under.

Step 5: Throw!

Throw and watch it explode!



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    did not explode just fell apart fast

    I know it just fell apart

    Someone actually expected this to turn into a genuine explosive with a hollywood style fireball?

    no, they expected you to turn into a hollywood fireball. YOU NOOB!

     kanjri di nasal ain tay harami dalla ain koi bomb smb nahin tui ich chaaaar

    that was, weird..

    put gas on then light it

    what do they do? like just spread around? it would be better if you set the on fire THEN throw it