Make an exploding popsicle stick distraction. Throw it and run. The pictures are of toothpicks, which work just as good, but have really small explosions.

Step 1: Get Materials

Easy, easy, easy. Get 5 popsicle sticks(or toothpicks).

Step 2: Arrange

Arrange 3 of them into order from bottom to top as said: middle, side, and side.

Step 3: Weave...

Take 1 stick and layer it through the other sticks in the order of: over, under, over. The sticks will start to bend; just be careful.

Step 4: ...And Weave Again

Take the last stick and weave it the opposite way of: under, over, under.

Step 5: Throw!

Throw and watch it explode!
did not explode just fell apart fast
<p>I know it just fell apart</p>
Someone actually expected this to turn into a genuine explosive with a hollywood style fireball?
no, they expected you to turn into a hollywood fireball. YOU NOOB! <br>
&nbsp;kanjri di nasal ain tay harami dalla ain koi bomb smb nahin tui ich chaaaar
do you trow or toss it?
any way you want
that was, weird..
put gas on then light it
what do they do? like just spread around? it would be better if you set the on fire THEN throw it
i did it with kabob sticks watch out!!!! i threw it at the wall cuz it did esplode first time on ground
if u did it with strike any where matches woul itflame up and explode
it would explode but it would be totally awsome- dont throw it at the carpet tho :(
true that
how does it explode i mean... like put a vid on this
it doesnt explode it fragmentates. the pieces fly in a bunch of different directions. its just a two year old trying to use big persons words.
it doesnt explode it fragmentates. the pieces fly in a bunch of different directions. its just a two year old trying to use big persons words.
how do u stick the ends & keep them sticking?
there put on to off each other- if you follow th pattern right they bend towarsd together and hold each other together
My friend first showed me it in the bathroom, but it didn't work. I saw it work, though.
hey it doesn't even work with toothpicks. they always brake when i'm making it!!!
try soaking them in hot water before putting it together, it makes the wood more flexible
its true
Interesting design but no noticeable explosion.
I have not made it yet but it looks cool
yea doesnt xplode
shut the frog up
hehe i've been spending 50% of my time with them since 2003.
I aggree whith ellomate56
why should it explode... they're just toothpicks and toothpicks don't explode :D
these don't really "explode" they just send things flying everywhere. but it's still fun
is this a terrorist organization or what!?
this is a internet site..
Did you make this to make peopel frustrated?!
JL2013 was just trying to pass on a technique his Dad taught him, just cause you know the trick doesn't mean no one else in the world does stopping being such a Jerk, Kneecaps
I can't get mine to work how do you do it??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
you half to put the bottem stick on the veary end
thanks i have annoyd my mother
does it reallly matter they are both equally cool... just get over it so what he figured it out and didn't see yours..
Not really an explosive, But neat idea. How did you bind the top part together?
After adding the last 2 sticks, they should be able to stick together on their own.
im using rounded toothpicks with a point on each end and its fiddley to try to keep them together

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