Picture of Popsicle Stick
Make an exploding popsicle stick distraction. Throw it and run. The pictures are of toothpicks, which work just as good, but have really small explosions.
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Step 1: Get Materials

Easy, easy, easy. Get 5 popsicle sticks(or toothpicks).

Step 2: Arrange

Picture of Arrange
D:\Downloads\pictures\Instructable's Pictures\000_0025.jpg
Arrange 3 of them into order from bottom to top as said: middle, side, and side.

Step 3: Weave...

Picture of Weave...
Take 1 stick and layer it through the other sticks in the order of: over, under, over. The sticks will start to bend; just be careful.

Step 4: ...And Weave Again

Picture of ...And Weave Again
Take the last stick and weave it the opposite way of: under, over, under.

Step 5: Throw!

Throw and watch it explode!